Just got a new PSU, want to know if it's enough for SLi

Hey guys. I just got a new PSU, a Coolermaster Real Power 450W. Right now I'm on AGP, but eventually when I build a new rig with PCI-E, I will want to SLi. If possible I would like to "recycle" as many parts as possible, PSU included. Would my PSU, which has dual 12V ramps with 18A on EACH, be enough for SLi?
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  1. Well ..... the official line from Nvidia (assuming you are using Nvidia) is

    For your SLI system, you should have a power supply that can supply 30A from the 12V lines.

    NVIDIA has a certification program that qualifies power supplies (SLI-Ready) that ensure 500W total output, 30A on the 12V rails, and 2 PCI Express connectors for your dual graphics cards.

    The certified Coolermastern PSU is the 'Real Power 550 SLI' one

    Personally I reckon it should be ok ....

    Full article here: click me !
  2. The minimum power for sli is 500watts. So even if the 450watts would be able to hack it, its not gonna be stable. So RMA it while you still can.
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