What is a good free antikeylogger for Win 7 64-bit?

Does anyone know of a good free antikeylogger that is compatible with a 64-bit system? I have downloaded several that said they were, but each time I got a popup that said it was not compatible with my 64-bit system, and asked if I wanted to buy the version that was.

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  1. stop hacking other peoples acocunts!!!!
  2. That's rather harsh as the OP is looking for an antikeylogger.
  3. lol thats true its monday
  4. Quit watching porn or doing iffy activitys.
  5. Is this question being asked by Mr Guzman?

    Skip to the 12 minute mark... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4oB28ksiIo
  6. No, but the Guzman story was very funny. I'll have to find out how to set up a keychain.

  7. Well, I have been told that keychain passwords, referred to in the video, are associated with Macs. I have a Dell.

  8. Hey guys, I found one free antikeylogger for Win7 64-bit, Keystroke Interference. The free version only protects Internet Explorer. To protect other browsers you have to upgrade to the paid version.
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