what is the best possible dual cpu system?

is dual cpu for gaming or work?
is it 939 or 940?
how big is it?
how much does it cost?
what's the point of dual dual core?
if no software can take advantage od dual core now, why quad core, unless decoding 4 dvds and playing fear and bf2?
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  1. Q: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

    A: The fish.

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  2. for a gaming comp asus k8n-dl with two opty 265's 4 gigs of ram 2 on each proc and 4 wd 150 gb raptor x in raid 0 and an x1900xtx for around 3500 just the base components
  3. hey linus arent you supposed to be sleeping? or are you staying up all night and developing kernels lol
  4. I never sleep.

    Actually I do.
  5. when
  6. For the 939 I would pick the X2 4800, it's fast for both multitasking and gaming. 940 is cool but would be pricey because its still new.
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