A couple of weeks ago, I built my machine. The components where:
Antec TX640B cas, 250 GB Hitachi, Intel 945PSNLK Motherboard, a Pentium D820, GeForce 6800GS overclocked and 1 Gig of centon high performance DDR2. The machine ran fine, however there was a problem. It ran really hot. The processor with intels stock fan(which there are fanboys that swear intel's fans do wonders) was running extremely hot 59C idle and 69-72C on load :evil: . After reading several forums, I decided to buy a new HSF. I went to my local CompUSA ( it was the store to store alot of heatsinks) to find a good compatible heatsink. It boiled down to the Zalman 9500 which was on sale for $60 or the Cooler Master Hyper 48 was on sale for $40. Of course due to lack of money I had chosen the Cooler Master 48. After installing I am happy to say I am not disappointed. This baby runs sooo much cooler 8O :D . My D820 now runs at 35C idle a huge improvement and only goes to 55-56C fully loaded. As for my stock fan, I am tossing it, it should be some crime for intel to pack such a low preforming HSF with there processor.
If anyone else would like to comment please post, I might be building another rig with an extreme pentium D.
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  1. ok dude see you just proved every intel fanboy wrong here about there heatsinks thank you so much.now windshear ycon and rochin will try to argue with you but dont let them no dont let them get you down no way keep fighting these intel plants like i am.see im an amd fanboy but i find that impressive :D 40c drop almost in temps did you use arctic silver 5 or the new coolermaster nanofussion?
  2. sounds like the hs was not seated properly, or you may have smeared the thermal tape that was on it. Nice to see you got it fixed.
  3. hmmm... my 820 runs at 29C idle and 49C under a full load with the stock intel fan. The stock fan is quite noisy though when at full speed; which is why I might end up buying a new fan regardless. Same goes with my AMD 64 X2--the stock fan does the trick and as expected runs even cooler than the Intel. Are you sure you had it seated properly?
  4. A lot of people have been having trouble with the new retention setup. Just as well, they are too noisey anyhow, and require too much pressure to seat properly.
    Thermalright's HR-01 looks to me like it may be the best thing going. It should be easy to duct, for max cool air flow.
    With the right fan, and some good duct, expect to see some major OCs on air with one.
  5. http://img.neoseeker.com/v_image.php?articleid=1561&image=3
    This picture represent the exquality of AMD...if some are forgeting the "brilliant" past of this brand.And i am wondering if you raise the 64 x2(2200/Toledo) at 2800(D820) what temps do you have with a stock cooler??
    So lets be clear for EVER you cannot have 2800MHZ/3000MHZ REAL frequency at 30C with stock cooler because the more speed you have the more heat generates.Another big influence has the components inside/the 4HDD a hungry video card ,2xCd-rom, generates HEAT,the position of the case(if the air have a good in/out flow)the ambient temp etc. You cannot overclock 70% AMD's because becomes unstable or they are burning(this is ringing the bell)the technical concept is for lower frequency.The big advantage for Intel is fiabillity/endurance with higher speeds in time.So for another 40$ you can have a good temp. So don't try to "sell" the angel image of AMD because there are a lots inconvenience for AMD
  6. You can cool your Pentium better by retiring it and getting an AMD 64 :-D

    I'm half-kindding

    Semper Fi Linux on! :D
  7. Artic Silver 5 and Thermaltake Big Typhoon is very effective on my Intel.
  8. I have one of these :
    I recomand you this like the father of coolers(20 Awards) but you need a big case...and the Arctic Silver 5..it will help you with everything from standard MHz to higher MHz it will do an effectiv cooling for a reasonable price
  9. Oh yes, my moronic friend. That's what happened a few years back if you were so stupid as to pull the hsf off a fully loaded xp. Show us how much better your dual core Intel chip is. Run two instances of F@H on it for 1/2 hour, then pull the hsf.
    Amd has made some amazing strides in the last few years, while prescott has stewed in it's own heat. Grow up.
  10. I apologize for my above post. Stupidity drives me crazy.
  11. I dont know any intel fans that would agree the Stock HSF are the sh*t. The way I see it, most fans like the chips themselves not the Coolers, Any intel fanboy that says you'll be fine with a stock cooler on a 5xx, 6xx, or 8xx series processor is only dreaming. I love my P4 to death, but the first thing I did was buy some AS-5 and a BigTyphoon...
  12. My offensive "friend" try to read more to raise your IQ..because you have no brain equilibrium, drink a coffe THINK and after that write the post.
    I cannot make you stupid, it will make me like you BRAINLES.
    Ok.1 Did i ask you from what year is the toast AMD? or what,it is a lie?
    It is the truth...
    2.What arguments do you have to beat this(the fury) you poor person.
    Are you selling AMD? for what??To be all AMD!WE are having all Mercedes?
    Intel AMD none of them ar perfect(do you accept that)
    A great history is with the PAST&Present&FUTURE.(not just today)
    You are not agree with another opinion.(you have mental problems)
    3.Next time when you get involved in a discussion prepare with solid arguments.

    don't post me again with another crap(if nothing comes in to your mind)
  13. Please keep it civilized.

    Thank you.
  14. I bought an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro for my P4 640. It works like a charm. Idle temps of between 30 and 35c, and temps in the low 50s under load. That was at the stock 3.2ghz. I OC'd it to 3.6, and the temps didn't change at all. With the stock heatsink, I was getting temps of about 77c by just ripping some MP3s! The stock heatsink is garbage.
  15. Amen! Zalman rocks
  16. I used artic silver 5. Best thermal paste ever :o !!
  17. me 2 man arctic silver pwns everything except for the new cooler master nanofusion i've seen a sempron 3000 go from 29c idle to 24c from stock to nanofusion you gotta try it i'm gonna buy a tube today from the pc shop
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