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I had an admin, user1, user2 set up on my system. Several weeks ago I had issues with my eprinter integrating with my wireless network and the system network. I noticed one of the users no longer appeared on the home network. Since the household shared user1, I didn't pursue or check into that. Today, I needed to restart the computer for whatever reason, and their is only one user visible (User 2), and the password assigned to this 2 years ago doesnt work. There is no option on the screen to login to any other area. I see nothing but user2 and the entry field for the Password. The original password no longer works, and I can't get to anywhere else in the system to try to restore. I am unethically using my office laptop to post this. So maybe I need a basic course in computers 101, because when I search this forum, all of the suggested solutions entail going to a website or downloading a ophcrack file. I can't get past the user login screen to access anywhere. After I download a file (to a disk or flash), how do I then get to an appropriate place for my locked computer to read this? One additional note, a recent addition of a 12 yr old troubled child into my home coincides with the computer issues. I want to "fix" this issue without admitting I think he is responsible for the changes (that topic is for another forum within a separate industry).
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  1. As for windows 7 their is no back door like there was in windows xp. Sad... However it sounds as if social engineering (child) got passwords and messed with your computer. I would see if he knows the password or at least get some access to windows 7 and retrieve data.
  2. There is a utility out there (NTAdmin password... something like that, I don't remember the exact name) that when put on a bootable disc, can be used to reset / remove all passwords on all accounts and unlock any accounts that may be locked.
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