7800GTX with a VGA cooler... help??

Alright guys... I'm trying to figure out if placing a vga block cooler for the zalman reserator on my 7800GTX cards will block use of an adjacent pci slot. I would like to get the A8N32-SLI Deluxe, but I'm afraid of blocking to of the PCI slots with a vga water block on the cards. ESPECIALLY if I get the 512 versions. Thanks
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  1. The 7800GTX 512 takes 2 slot with its massive HSF cooler. If you replace the massive HSF cooler with a gpu water block it would still use 2 slot. So its not gonna change, unless if you're getting a huge gpu water block, then it would take up more than 2 slots.
  2. Thank you so much... I've been looking everywhere for an answer to this question. This definitely makes up my mind about the mobo I'm getting... definitely going to be the A8N-Sli deluxe now! Thanks!
  3. Yes get the one mobo that has two slots in between the pci-e slot plenty of space. :)
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