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I'm opening myself up for suggestions...

I need a graphics card for CAD purposes...NOT for gaming (as much as I'd love to use the machine I'm building for gaming, but...).

Anyway, any recommendations for best-cards-for-CAD would be appreciated. Price isn't the greatest consideration here, but please don't recommend the Flagship NVIDIA/ATI card, since I'm looking at value-for-money, bang-for-buck cards :D
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  1. AGP or PCI-express?
  2. Knew I forgot something...PCI-Express please :D
  3. Here it is....

    PNY VCQFX1300-PCIE-BLK Quadro FX1300 128MB 128-bit $360-$380

    ATI 100-505086 FireGL V5100 128MB around $550.

    Pny and 3Dlabs best cards are good but go up to $1500 or more.
  4. FireGL V5100 is a very good card and the price is pretty reasonable (for workstation cards).
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