ATI Crossfire G card compatability question

Hi all,

I have a question on something I have done which is most likely very very stupid, :oops:

I have the following kit,

Sapphire Radeon X1600PRO 256MB DDRII, PCI-Express, Tv-Out, DVI-I, Lite-Retail,ATI CrossFire Technology, Avivo Technology

PowerColor Radeon X800GT 256MB GDDR3, PCI-Express, Dual-DVI-I, Tv-Out, Re

Sapphire Pure Crossfire II, Socket-775, ATI RD400+SB450, ATX, GbLAN, 2xPCI-Ex16

Now I have built the system but something tells me (Hindsight being a great thing) that the two cards I have wont work on crossfire, am I correct? Or just being overly paranoid? I have read all the literature I could find online but I am still unsure of where I stand with this :?
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  1. Crossfire cards have to be from the same series.

    You need either 2 X800 series or 2 X1600 series, 1 master, 1 regular. The master card will DOWN CLOCK to the performance of the regular card.

    You can't mix and match series like your trying to do, X800 and X1600.

    ATI's compatibility chart:
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