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I am looking to upgrade current rdram mobo and still use old memory ( I have 1Gig), I'm looking at a Intel D850EMV2 can I upgrade to a celeron D cpu, Intel has no info that I could find seeing as how the 850 chipset is no longer supported.They do say however that the 845 is compatible . Any advice would be welcome, thanks
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  1. Damn, you're just an old skool aren't you? Wow, I haven't seen rdram for years now. I can see you want to upgrade, but why not go for a 21st century computers like a pci-e board. You can pick up one for around $400 decent. I think the 845 are the last known mobo to support them old skool memory and Intel had completely abandoned it on 2004.
  2. I'm just updating for a general use puter I'll be going 21st shortly still debating components
  3. no, the only Intel P4 desktop chipset to support RDRAM was the i850, which was re-named the i850E after further validation.
  4. Most older boards won't work with any variation of a Prescott, including the crippled-Prescott core used for the Celeron D.
  5. oh well :? thought I would check and see before I buy one (as suggested buy a retailer, and if it didn't work I could just return it. Ya....Right!),I guess this means I have to scour E-Bay and smaller comp shops in order to find a cpu.I currently have a 1.5 P4 w/d850mvl mobo,Its going to take a little bit of luck to find a 2.0-2.4 cpu w/533fsb and 256L2 for the 850E
  6. Your board might support a 2.4B. I gave one away recently to a friend. You should be able to find one.
  7. It seems my problem is going to be L2 cache size. Which is the same problem I have had w/my old MVL mobo the only difference being the FSB speed 400 versus 533. At least there's more 533's out there than 400's
  8. Well I think I might have found my answer here They buried it deep I only found it by chance :o. If anybody could verify that I'm reading correctly it would be appreciated. Thanks, BDC
  9. The 850 chip uses 533mhz front side bus. The fastest chip you can get is a 3.06Ghz with HT. The socket on the 850 is 478pin.

    The 845 depends on the version but can support up to 533mhz front side bus. Uses DDR you have to check the manufactur for the fastest chip speed and memory. Also the socket is 478pin.

    The Celeron D is intels socket T or 775 which will not fit in the above.

    You must be confusing the chipset only the 945, 955 and the newest 975 support intel dual core chips.
  10. The 850 chipset will handle any socket 478 Willamette, Northwood "A" (400 FSB) or Northwood "B" (533 FSB). It takes RDRAM up to 800MHz.

    You can get some Celerons that are Prescott cores and have a Socket 478 package, but I forget the number. Most are socket 775, so make *sure* you get a 478 model. They are a 533 FSB and *should* work but dollars to donuts the BIOS will act all flakey on you as it won't recognize the proc correctly.
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