Raid problem needs synchronize every now and then

Hi someone i know has a computer, which has been working fine for about a year and now it comes up with a raid error saying the array needs to be synchronized. i have checked both disks and they are working fine.

if you do synchronize the message goes away for a few days then comes back again.

i have tried rebuilding the array and still the same problem, the message comes up after the bios loads and befopre windows loads. any ideas?
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  1. Chuck us the exact error, including title.

    Does the error occur while booting ?, while in Windows ?, when logging on to Windows ?, etc

    What HDDs and mainboard do you have ?

    What RAID-BIOS version are you using ?

    Which drivers RAID / mainboard chipset are installed ?

    Once we have some info we can help.

    All I can suggest so far is running a CHKDSK /R (assuming Windows XP and you know how to get to Command Prompt) on each drive in the array, to perform a 'basic' surface check. (Not to be confused with CHKDSK /F).
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