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Screwed by Audigy (or maybe not), if you can please help..

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February 17, 2006 12:51:02 PM

I'm just getting mad here with this f* thing! This is not a begginers problem I tried every
reasonable solution. Best thing is that the seller won't take the card back cause the card is working.

The goal:
Let me start by telling you that basically my goal is to record guitar riffs so being on a small budget I don't need the latest available hardware at all.

The hardware & software:
The motherboard is a good old Asus K7M, the version with SuperByPassMode, some AMD users here might remember it. The processor's an Athlon Thunderbird at 800mhz wich was overclocked but I took care to put it back to "normal" before attempting to solve the problem.
The OS is Win2K. 192Mb ram.

The problem:
Everytime the Audigy2 is in a PCI slot with drivers installed the computer hangs when botting.
I have a SoundBlaster Live value that works a treat (well except for sound output quality) and the Audigy2 WORKS on other computers. I took it to a friend's PC store where he tried it with various more recent machines and it worked flawlessly.

Tried every M$ OS from Win98, 2k to XP. Tried to disable ACPI. Latest mobo BIOS is there.
Tried various gfx cards (an old Riva 128zx, an Riva TNT2, and an ATI 9200). Also tried to
take out every expansion card. Nada. Oh and tried the alternative drivers from the Kx project too and even mess with the PCI latency timer. BTW also tried every PCI slot..

Is this a known problem with some boards ? Yeah, I know my motherboard has a VIA southbridge (latest best driver in there already...) but the northbrdge ain't VIA and I have never had any piece of hardware not working with it (including Live cards...)

Thanks guys, this is actually my last resort, after this I'm back to the Live! card :x

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February 17, 2006 1:23:07 PM

Hmmmm ...

Firstly, I assume you have all the latest drivers.
Check against this web page: click me !

Next, the Audigy 2 specs say
Available PCI 2.1 compliant slot

... the K7M has PCI 2.2 so should be ok :?

Thirdly, I assume you have disabled the onboard audio :wink:

Fourthly, try removing all other non-essential hardware to check for hardware conflicts.

Good Luck !
February 17, 2006 1:28:06 PM


Thx for replying.
Yes, been on that site already, done that. Even reformated the HD and done a fresh windows install. My motherboard is the version wihout onboard audio. This is weird... :?
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February 17, 2006 1:34:46 PM

It really does sound like your motherboard has a dislike of the audigy card :cry: 

Only other suggestion would be to use a non Microsoft O/S but I'm a complete Linux n00b .... worth a try maybe
February 17, 2006 1:56:42 PM

did you have your sb live installed first?? if so the drivers might have left crap behind conflicting the install of the audigy. get drivercleaner and remove it all. I remember having a similar problem when i went from audigy to audigy2zs.
February 17, 2006 1:58:10 PM


Sounds like hardware conflict, what does the irq manager say?

Don't know if you've already tried this, but sometimes it help to change the pci slot. If it's hardware conflict, try to insert the card in the slot below, should call another channel.

Sure you don't need special drivers for old systems or something? You could always buy some more ram and install win xp. I think its recomended that you have 256mb atleast, and maybe you could buy a used cpu like xp1500+ or something. You should be able to sell your old stuff for almost as much as the new stuff costs.

Good Luck!
February 17, 2006 2:04:23 PM

The problem is that he has tried allsorts of operating systems ....

Tried every M$ OS from Win98, 2k to XP

Very unlikely that it will be a driver issue.
February 17, 2006 7:11:09 PM

Did you update your motherboards BIOS?
February 17, 2006 7:11:52 PM

Did you update your motherboards BIOS?
February 17, 2006 10:51:48 PM

Ok then, borrow some of your friends computers and do a standard error control.

You say that your card works with your friends computers, change one part at a time and isolate what part is causing this problem.

A lot of work but kind of foolproof.

Good luck
February 18, 2006 12:20:11 PM

And how do I do that if the only card I have installed in mine is the soundcard, I've taken off all cards already. Only HD and standard DVD Rom are connected (primary and secondary channels, all master).

I've tried everything you mentioned already....
February 18, 2006 1:22:42 PM

Did you try all the different PCI slots?

Did you try disabling every onboard device that you could disable such as the floppy controller, serial, parallel and game ports, etc?

If all else fails give Knoppix a try and see if it works.

You'll need the 700MB Knoppix ISO


to burn it to CD

I had an SB card which wouldn't work under windows but worked beautifully under Linux.

PM me if you have any questions.

Good Luck! :D 
February 18, 2006 3:22:06 PM

I'm talking about ram, cpu and motherboard, change one at a time.
February 19, 2006 8:59:24 PM

"Did you try disabling every onboard device that you could disable such as the floppy controller, serial, parallel and game ports, etc?
Those I never tried, hard to think standard ports that mostly allways use the same addresses would be cause the conflict, but why not... I'll try it. If I don't post it's because it didn't work (or I finally destroyed it with a hammer...)
I do have a Debian installation CD lying around, might finally give it a try...

Ah ok, I never though it could be the ram as it passes initial tests. Actually I'm so tired of trying I've practically given up.
February 20, 2006 5:19:49 AM

The main advantage of Knoppix is that it does not require installation, you can run it entirely from your optical drive.

Makes life a lot easier :D 

Disabling those devices will hopefully free up enough IRQs to resolve any potential conflicts
February 20, 2006 4:49:15 PM

Tried disabling EVEryting I could in the BIOS with the same results.
I didn't try Linux yet but honestly I don't think it's worth the hassle as I'd like to use Cubase.
I also found 2 posts on Usenet groups wich had the same problem, non one answered. Most people that had the same problem probably found it a good excuse to upgrade.
I'm giving up, but now I don't know if buying a new motherboard or a new soundcard.
February 20, 2006 6:33:50 PM

I think you would really benefit from upgrading, get the cheapest or used s.939. Recycle as much as possible.

If on an extremely low budget, try swaping with someone. I bet you could get like a 1Ghz Celeron on s.478 clean swap. Perhaps your card will work with another mb...

Good Luck! :) 
February 20, 2006 6:36:33 PM

Does windows boot into safe mode with the audigy installed?

I suspect windoze is freaking out over something during boot.