going from athlon 64 3000 first cpu, to 3000

Okay i have the chance to sell my athlon my athlon 64 3000 to my nieghbor. NOw the one i might sell him is the first athlon series 64 3000 socket 754, that came out at the beging, not the newer socket 754, venice and newcastle that are great overclockers. I really want to get into overclocking and im thinking about selling him the cpu and buying the newcastle 3000.
NOw i know its the same speed prossesor, running at 2.0ghz, but newegg chip has been getting great reviews for overclocking and most people are getting them to 2.3ghz just on air. NOw i would be selling him the older one for $90 so i would have to actually fork out about $30 of own cash to buy it. NOw would it justify buying that chip for $30 more since its a great overclocker, and would be a good chip for a first timer. I have 1 gig of pc3200 corsair extreme ram, and a gigabyte GA-KANS mobo. The mobo is newer one that i just bought about a month ago and it has some good features for overclocking. Heres the link to it on newegg:


NOw the only problem is that im pretty sure the mobo dosnt have a agp lock, so does that mean when i overclock the cpu it will also overclock my x800gt video card. Will the fact that it will be, if at all, overclocking the card mean that i will be limited on my overclocking?

SO what do you think about this. would i just be better off buying a higher speed processer like 2.2 or so. THanks guys.

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  1. Well, first off, have you tried to OC your current chip? Even if it was the first generation A64, you should be able to get somewhere between 2.2 and 2.3 out of it fairly easily. Is it worth $30 to get a much better OC chip, I'd say yes, but that's just me! :lol:

    On your board, that should have an AGP lock in the Frequency Control section of the BIOS... it allows you to lock the AGP at 66 MHz.
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