Is this a good Kworld TV Tuner Card?

On a tight budget after building a new computer and buying a new lcd monitor. I picked up the kworld VS-LTV7131R, so that I can view DirecTV on my new monitor (it replaced my tv in my bedroom). I'm just wondering if anyone has one of these and can provide some feedback on the quality of this card?

Kworld VS-LTV7131R

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  1. Its an ok card, the input is kinda wierd, the software is kinda buggy but the updates remove some functionality. Recording is sloppy until you get some kind of compression going. Oh and don't lose the remote. :( It gets the job done. :?
  2. Didn't realize you could record with this card...I don't know much about tuner cards. I've heard the software kinda sucks, which is too bad. But for the cost it seems like a fair trade.
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