new system came with 6600gt, upgrade or hold out

just bought a system from a nice gentleman on anandtech boards

venice 3000+ running at 2.2ghz
2x512 patriot cas 2 memory, red heatspreaders
pci-e 6600gt personal cenima card
80 gig
2x 250 gig
nice case
modular 500 watt ps

a few days prior had purchased a 6800gt agp from newegg as well as a corsair value dual channel 1 gig ddr kit and dvd burner to upgrade my computer as well as my wifes, now going to return the newegg stuff. should I then buy another pci-e video card from newegg? or hold out for another day. would love sudgestions on a card, don't want to go over 150 to 200 if I do decide to upgrade the 6600gt, currently playing WoW, and plan to play age of empires 3, and the current fps and rts games soon
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  1. See if you can upgrade to an X800 GTO or 6800 GS. Even an X800 XT if you can afford it. It'd make a nice difference.

    The 6600 GT is decent though, if you have to keep it.
  2. if you sell the 6600 then you might be able to afford the 7800gt, between 300-400cad
  3. i say wait if you dont see any slowdowns, save the case till later for the next generation to come out and get a 7800 or a next gen.

    i had a 6600 and the sitch to 6800gs was good but not worth it to me i say save your cash.
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