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Ok, I have a really weird issue and I will try to make it as easy to read as I can in hopes you guys can help me out. Keep in mind, I am not a novice, I have built a lot of computers in my time. But there are still somethings I can't figure out myself.

Ok, so I currently own a AMD 64 3500+, Sound Blaster 2 ZS, TDK 48x cdburner, DVD-ROM, MSi mobo, AGP 6800 GT, 2 gigs of Crucial Ballistics dd400 4x512, Enermax 460 watt psu, and a Maxtor SATA 80 HD. Great setup I must say. Runs everything I could imagine smooth.

Well, I decided last week to do some upgrades and bought a ASUS a8n-deluxe mobo and a Over Clocked version eVGA 7800 GT PCI-E 256meg. Both these products supposed to be as good as they get. Well, I got these on monday and took out my AGP 6800 GT and mobo so I could put my new ASUS mobo and 7800 GT in. Everything was working fine, except I noticed that new ASUS mobo was reading my memory at ddr333 instead of ddr400. I fixed that in the settings. Anyways, everything was going great that evening. I left the computer running over night and woke up the next morning to see it frozen in hibernation mod. Not good, so I rebooted and started installing some stuff and playing regular old Counter Strike. I got an immediate physical memory dump as soon as I started to play CS.

After that issue, things started progressively going downhill. It got to the point that when ever I restarted the computer, it just stayed at the windowsxp boot screen with the little blue bar at the bottom scrolling, freezing, scrolling, freezing, and etc. Well, I thought to myself, maybe the HD is bad, so I went out and bought a new HD, but after the install, it was doing the samething still. So then I thought, maybe I need to up my PSU. So, I went out and bought a Antec 500 v2.2 watt psu to replace my Enermax 460 v1.2 watt psu.

After that psu install, i was able to reformat and load into windows one time before it started getting stuck at the windows boot up screen again after restarts. Well, along these lines I fried my 3500+ cpu. So I bought another amd 64 bit 3500+ cpu from CompUsa really fast just to get my system back up and running. Well, after I installed that, I started experiencing mother board issues with my brand new ASUS a8n-deluxe mobo. So I took it out and went back up to CompUsa and bought a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI mobo to replace that new ASUS mobo with.

Well, I did the install with the new Gigabyte mobo. Everything at this point is running great. But, I noticed this mobo had my memory clocked at ddr333 as well. So i bumped it up to ddr400 in the settings like it's supposed to be at. I am able to install windowsxp pro just fine and get to the point where I am installing stuff on the freshly reformated partition.

So, now that you guys are caught up with my issues building this computer, this is where we run into my current issue that I need help on. So, I was installing the latest graphics driver for my 7800 GT off of version 83.62. During the installation, a messaged popped up from the software/drivers I was installing from nvidia saying that my 7800 GT was not receiving enough power and that it could cause system instability. I complete the installation of the drivers and then turned the computer off to check to make sure the 7800 GT was seat properly in the PCI-E slot and make sure the power plug was in good on the video card as well. So I booted up my computer again and next thing you know, I am getting stuck at the windowsxp boot up screen again! After multiple restarts, it is still staying at the windowsxp boot screen.

So, I am starting to wonder about not having enough juice to run all my components with now. I figured the 500 watt psu was enough since the 7800 GT recommended atleast a 450 watt psu to run it with. Could it be that the 7800 GT has been consuming all my power and causing my computer to stay at the windows boot up screen all along? I did some research and a few people as saying that I need a psu that has atleast 26A to the 12V rail. The brand new 500 watt antec psu i am running has 17A to the 12V rail. I really need some help here and I am hoping you guys have a fix for me. What do I need to do??????
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  1. hmm i'm stumped too but the best explanation i can think of is the graphics card maybe its defective i would rma it and see if the new one has the same issue. your issue sounds vaguely like my freinds comp after he bought a x1300 for his sisters comp if i remember right the graphics card was saying the same thing and it started rebooting for no reason i replaced the x1300 with his x1600 and ran fine and we could play bf2 on that on low with good frames so yeah its probably the graphics card. and dude how did your cpu fry if it was cause of the power supply go complain to compusa if that don't do much get the sales guy's name and complain to the central office i did and got a brand new dvd drive that is still runnin with no problems :D
  2. Well, I still not sure why it explains my comp with 2 different hd's and 2 different mobos would still hang during the windowsxp boot up screen. You think it could be the video card being bad or just not enough juice to run it all?
  3. I believe in dual channel the memory speed is supposed to be 333mhz. Take anything dvdpiddy says with a grain of salt.... wtf registerd for 14 days and has 980 posts... spammer....

    As for the video card are you using and adapter or the plug directly from the power supply?
    Your powersupply should be more than enough.
  4. Direct plug from the psu. Anyone give confirmation on the ddr 333 speeds in dual chan? I am running ddr400 mem.
  5. I know the MSI NEO Plat I have is 333 for dual channel and 400 for single. Also check this link for more information about the eVGA 7800 series cards. They may have more information on it.
  6. Also change your sata cable or ide cable, they sometimes go bad. Also bad installs happen with scratched disks.
    First I would set the ram back to auto and see if that fixes it.
  7. Quote:
    off of version 83.62.

    83.62 isn't even out yet. If you're using beta drivers, try using their new ones(non beta), 81.98.
  8. Well keep in mind, it said the video card was not receiving enough power as well. And I am running a 500 watt Antec psu thats rated at 17A on the 12V rail. I hear some people are saying to go with a 550+ watt psu and something with atleast 26A on the 12V. Any truth behind that?
  9. 4x512 is supposed to run at ddr333, that's why we all tell people to spot for the 2x1gb, cauz 4x512 sux. if you bring it back down and it still f's itself up, try the bios update. if that doesn't work, let us know
  10. Quote:
    I believe in dual channel the memory speed is supposed to be 333mhz. Take anything dvdpiddy says with a grain of salt.... wtf registerd for 14 days and has 980 posts... spammer....

    As for the video card are you using and adapter or the plug directly from the power supply?
    Your powersupply should be more than enough.
    hey i stopped spamming useless s**t along time ago ok man and btw i have fixed many pcs so i know a little more than you. and i am always eager to help anyone on the forumz! oh crap i didnt see that it was 4 sticks so your graphics card is fine but the memory is whats causing the problem disregard my last post(my freinds sister's comp was runnin 1 stick ddr 400 512)(
  11. So having 4 sticks of mem 4x512 is bad? Is that eating my power alive?
  12. yes when you set it to ddr 400 on 4 sticks your screwing up your power supply it cant provide enough volts to it ddr takes 2.5 volts each 2.5 x 5=10 1.4 for + proc
  13. Aight, well I put my old hardware back in for the time being and moved all my new hardware to my second computer. I am using the Enermax 460 Watt psu for test purposes, using 1 gig of my crucial ballistics memory, my new gigabyte mobo and the 7800 GT PCI-E, and an old IDE 80 gig maxtor HD. Everything works! So I am assuming part of my issue was the 4x512 mem chips? Possibly? I do not know, all I know it works in my 2nd test computer. The only thing I get now, is a message that pops up when ever I restart the computer saying that the 7800 gt drivers detect that the video card is not getting enough power, so nvidia has lowerd the power to a safe limit. What is that all about? Does that mean I still need to get a higher watt psu still?????
  14. AIght, so if I want to run 4x512, I need to have a big ass psu to run all that and the 7800 GT I assume
  15. Is you power supply a 24pin or 20pin.
    Does the motherboard have a 4pin molex connector? Not the 4pin power for the cpu.

    I have a Dell 820d
    2Gb ram 2x1Gb
    And only a 375watt power supply you are fine 500 is still overkill even with 4 sticks.
  16. Your memory is rated at 400 mhz dual channel.
    That means 200 x 2 = 400
    Just change your memory settings to AUTO and everything should be fine.
  17. Quote:
    yes when you set it to ddr 400 on 4 sticks your screwing up your power supply it cant provide enough volts to it ddr takes 2.5 volts each 2.5 x 5=10 1.4 for + proc

    umm.... NO. This is total BS.

    You were in such a hurry to be a smart ass that you didn't even multiply right.
    That's besides the point that you can't just add the voltages.
    They're probably wired in parallel.
  18. Well I had everything working in my second computer. I switched everything over to my main computer and the issues started rolling out again. I am just at a loss. Reread my 1st post and give me some ideas please.
  19. this guy has been giving out bad info/spamming/other obnoxious things for a while now, can something be done about this?
  20. If you unlock your Vertex shader and leave the pixel shaders alone you will have increased the speed some what better it is usually the pixel shaders that cause the problem I know I tested it. The HW shaders are the shaders you will enable.
  21. So deusx if you leave you computer in the case and use the old power supply, does it work?

    It sounds like your power supply is a 20pin and is missing the extra 12v power rail to supply the pci-e bus.

    If that is not the case try using the 6pin power adapter that came with the video card. To see if it works.

    gomerpile I think you posted wrong thread. :roll:
  22. I have a 20 pin connection on a 400 watt Antec psu, and a pcie x850xt OCed. Not to mention my processor is OC-ed as well.

    The card gets its juice from the psu not the mobo connection i'm assuming.
    Make sure you have your video card pluged in.

    I still think its your memory.
    Its supposed to run at 333 isn't it?
    Someone with an AMD please hverify this, b/c i have an intel.
    But i know my cousin's amd always ran at 300 something.
    Did you try switching it to AUTO?

    You might be OC-ing your computer,
    did you say you fried your other chip and got a new one?
    i wouldn't be surprised considering a 67x2 mhz oc on the bus.
  23. blah blah blah
  24. the master you are correct for you motherboard but the newer ones require 24pins, the extra 4 are 12v to power the pci-e bus.

    dvdpiddy you are a bunch of help, shouldnt you be spamming right now??
  25. My mobo has 24 pins, but my psu only has 20.
    That's what i'm saying, mine works fine. So his should theoretically work too.
    Mine also has a PCI-E bus and it works fine without a 24 pin connector.

    You can count the little pins if you don't believe me. :wink:

    I'm not sure what you were saying, so thats just to clear that up.
  26. It really depends on who made the chipset. Some times it can even depend on the manufacture. So what is working for you with 20pins on a 24pin motherboard will not work for another setup.
  27. You get lost with all these posts that don't answer the question. The memory speed will depent on the chipset you are using. It has to do with having 4 double sided ram chips, i know msi will clock down to 333. Do you have a 24pin power supply? The graphics card needs power from the mobo and the psu. A new psu is cheap enough these days anyway. I sold my old true power for 70 bucks and got the new one for 90.
  28. DID youy reload windows... fresh install
  29. put your old card back in your system and start from there. then check that your new mobo and cpu and psu are all working fine. then add your new graphics card and see what happens.

    your psu should be plenty for the 7800gt.
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