LCD TV/Moniter problems

OK! I have a 27 inch LCD TV/Monitor now in order to even consider doing this what graphics card could handle a resolution that big?
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  1. That would be an sli/crossfire like 7800,x1800andx1900. It's cool to have a big monitor if you have the graphics card to back it up for gaming.
  2. Sorry, I didn't quite catch what the problems are. I'm still not sure what your situation is. Do you already have the 27" TV/Monitor? If so, what brand/model? Is it widescreen? What is the native resolution?

    What do you plan on using it for? Gaming, watching DVDs, internet surfing, or word processing?

    It's very likely that any of the newer graphics cards will do just fine... any NVIDIA 6800 might be fine for you.

    If gaming is your thing, then you shouldn't wory about which Video Card to get, because the latency of the LCD screen won't keep up with the frames per second provided by even a mid range video card.

    Games look great in the widescreen format, but LCD screens always look blotchy when there's a lot of motion on the screen.
  3. Thanks for the information, now my consern is how much is an SLi/Crossfire going to kill my wallet? lol
  4. its a RCA 27" widescreen - unfortunatly i do not have the native rez on the LCD i just resently purchased the monster.
    It (hopefully) will be used for gaming if the quality does suck
  5. Hmmm Ok, how much was the monitor? If it was under $1k, I'm going to bet that the native resolution is probably about 768x1024.
    In which case, a mid-range graphics card might do ok? I'm not sure on that point, but from what I've seen looking at TVs (I had the same idea as you), the native res is pretty low since its an LCD TV.

    Look it up before you spend tons of $ on a graphics card that might be overkill.
  6. Thanks for the help im new to the custom computer seen - I just barely starting working 5 months ago (its so hard to find a job these days) and have been saving up - Before that i had the unpleasent experience to use a compaq that had a replaced hand-me-down graphics card - outside of that it was $984 base price and little over $1000 with tax.
  7. I'll take a wild guess and say is it this one?

    It has a 1366 x 768 resolution. Shouldn't need a big card to run that.
  8. that is the tv, and your extra research on the native rez is very appreciated.
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