X850XT Heat and Overclocking and Fan Trouble

I have a X850XT with the stock fan that came with it. When using the overclocking utility in ATI tools, what is the suggested Heat range I should be looking for in my GPU and ENV? Lately I've been using the 560/580 as my settings.

I was playing the Fear Demo (which...oddly enough plays smoother than Half Life 2...) and the game froze and then went to a blank screen - my monitor lost the signal) - does this mean that my graphics card overheated? Also, how can I tell if my fan is working properly - the only time I ever hear it is when my pc boots up?
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  1. I was fooling around with ATI tool and, in the overclocking section, found the option to adjust my fan timings. I chose the "Autofill" option. Now, my fan is always on (per the settings) - are these settings good? They were crazy high before (which may be why my I could never hear my fan. Will these settings wear out my fan since it is always running? (I hope this isn't too much of a noob question). Thanks.
    Here is a link to my current fan settings (I'm not at 100 posts yet)
  2. Let it run alot. Replacing a heatsink/fan is cheaper than a whole card when you fry it by OCing it. If the fan breaks buy a better aftermarket one. They tend to last a very long time though.
  3. you probably got one of those sapphire XTs..
    they come with the fan locked at 5%. No wonder it over heated.

    I had the same problem.

    I just have my fan idle at 5% / 18% and 100% when it crosses 45 degrees.
    keeps it nice and cool, even OCed at 580/1204.
  4. Thanks for the tip - I now run, underload, under 62% (usually around 55%). Regarding your overclock - are you using stock cooling? Currently I have my X850XT OC'd at 570:591.
  5. yes, i have mine stock.
    just turn the fan up to 100% and you should stay under 60 with full load.

    Make sure you have good ventilation in your case.

    I think 580 is max on mine, i don't know it would be stable higher if i lower the temps. probably not.
    I might need a voltage mod to get past 600.
    If i ever do that i'll definately get some arctic cooling w/ tornado mod. :twisted:
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