What is the right tuner card for me?

I am interested in buying a tv tuner card for my pc. I need to be able to do the following:

1. record from dvd or vhs player
2. record tv in stereo
3. fm tuner
4. i don't really want to spend more then $50 but will spend up to $80
5. Remote control
6. record HDTV (but its not a must)

Any ideas on what would be a good card would be great.
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  1. Only $50-80 bucks?? You won't find a card that works with all that functionality for that price.

    ATi is the only real choice. A TV wonder will run you $70, but it doesn't have a remote.
  2. Last I checked, the HDTV recording tuners were around 200$. I bought the PCI Express 1X Powercolor Theater Pro 550 a few months ago and it's great, although it doesn't have composite video imput.
  3. Sorry, but recording DVD's from a PC video input is nearly impossible with a bunch of products due to Macrovision detection. For example, ATI's driver refuses to work and stops recording software if it detects Macrovision.

    For doing input tests, I've copied a couple DVD's from my personal collection with macrovision removed.

    I have tested a card with Macrovision detection disabled, but that card would cost you over $140. It's the Turtle Beach Video Advantage, and it doesn't have a tuner, just inputs. The majority of its price is based on the included software package, which is better than average.

    There are "Macrovision Workarounds" using hardware macrovision removal, but most of these are illegal...the only ones that aren't are designed to serve "other functions" and remove macrovision "unintentionally". These Macrovision removers have been around since the VHS days, as VHS also uses Macrovision.
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