Is my Lite-on dying? Funny noises?!

Hey all,

I have a Lite-on 1633S (i think) - I can't double check as I'm not at home.
Its 8x DVD-/+R, 2.4x DL +R, etc.
For the past month its been rather tempermental when I try to burn a DVD or a dual-layer DVD. Here's what happens, Nero 6 prompts me for the blank DVD, I put it in.
Sometimes it's ok and starts burning after a few seconds.
Most of the time, it blinks the light for a while, makes funny noises - sounds like something loose or grinding when its spinning the disc. I looked it up on Lite-on's site, and they say they have ball bearings in there for balancing, and it does sound like ball bearings hitting each other or something. Finally it either just sits there and hangs or starts burning (and 50-50 chance to produce a good DVD or a coaster).
It didn't do that when I first got it, and I'd regularly burned dual layers and DVDs w/o any issues!
The CD burner on the lite-on works fine, I can burn those w/o any problem. Its only for DVDs, which makes me wonder.
This happens on a clean reboot too.

The only thing is that my regular CD-ROM drive (yes i still have one) is a little flakey too, which makes me wonder if its Windows - I haven't reformatted in about 2 yrs.

Of course my warranty on my lite-on just ran out 2 months ago. I've never had any issues w/ them, and I have 4 of their drives in my house right now.


Complete outdated spec: 6yrs and running!
1.8 P4 Williamette
512 (4x128) RDRAM 800 - worth more than my entire computer combined :P
9600XT AIW
Intel 850MVL
40GB Western Digital
120GB Seagate
Sony CD-ROM 52x
Lite-On DVD burner
Antec 350W TruePower
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  1. How old is this drive anyways, sounds to me that its coming close to its shelf life. It's dying and having problem reading DVDs. I don't know clean it or something. Time for you to buy a dual layer dvd burner x16 speed or get a 50/50 chances with your old one.
  2. I bought it Dec 2004. It seems to be ok w/ retail DVDs and such, just its having issues in particular with blank DVDs.
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