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Well this question is kinda old skool but I still need an answer. I have an Intel D815EEA2 it is compatible with FC-PGA2 (Tualatins) and I want to know if the processor Pentium III-S SL6BY will work normally on this mobo with the lastest BIOS. because i heard this is a server designed processor, a person told me that it will work but something like it wont work for a long time because of something... :S but in the other hand it says that IT WILL NOT WORK ON STANDARD DESKTOP APPLICATIONS. so please can somebody tell wheter it will work or not? and what kind of problems may I have after a while? until now I dont know if get an SL6BY or SL5XL. please help me

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  1. I fyou go to Intel's website, I'm relatively sure you can find a processor/mb compatibility chart for info on your mb/processor questions....
  2. If your mobo's chipset is an intel 815 B-stepping then it will surely support it.
  3. Yes, It Will Work A Friend Has Two 1.4GHz Pentium IIIs (Running At 1.8GHz!!) In A Dual Socket 370 Motherboard So Im Pretty Sure One Will Work On Your Board
  4. I got the exact motherboard - supports coppermine only, its one sweet board and does work with a coppermine -> tualatin adapter with the second latest bios, otherwise coppermine only.

    Hella-D - there are 3 revisions of socket 370 - mendocino (some can be modded to coppermine depending on vrm and bios) and 2nd for coppermine and mendocino but NOT tualatin (his board) (and also depending on vrm and bios can be modded but its alot to do, adpaters also work on some) and finally the third revision that supports coppermine and tualatin ONLY and no mendocino support - your friends board is designed for em where as this board is not.

    SL6BY or SL5XL - two diffrent steppings, if you google "SL6BY overclock" or whatever it will come up with how far people have pushed em, otherwise there usually the same (but your board cant overclock anyhow)
  5. What do you mean by "Supports Coppermine Only"??? I have an Intel Celeron 1.4Ghz with 100Mhz FSB Tualatin FC-PGA2 SL6C6 and I putted on the D815EEA2 and it fits!!!! so i dont know why you are saying it supports coppermine only. MAYBE you have the mobo D815EEA (Without the number 2) and thats why you are saying that thing.

    So, i have a question, where do i see if it is stepping B? my board is a Solano2 so I think it should have stepping B.

    Also my mobo has ICH2.

    Thanks and ill be waiting for you help
  6. The following is the processor compatibility chart for your motherboard:

    It appears that only certain revision numbers support Tualatin processors. There are instructions provided in the chart to check your revision number.

    The main support page of your motherboard is here:

    I originally doubted that the Tualatin-S could work on desktop i815 B-stepping chipsets, because they are for server use and have double the cache. However, upon some review it appears that it is doable although I've mostly heard of the original 1.13 and 1.26GHz versions working. I suppose the 1.4GHz should work as well. The latest BIOS is critical of course as well as the right board revision.
  7. thanks for the link, fortunately i saw it before.
    but I still need to confirm if they are going to work on this mobo. i would liket to have one and try it. ill just have to wait maybe somebody here knows something. thanks anyway to ya all ^^
  8. No Data, the sever chips are ONLY desktop chips with added cache and nothing else. The only way a Tualatin -S doesn't work on a Tualatin board is if someone fudged the BIOS on purpose to prevent it from working.

    Intel has been known to fudge their BIOS, I had to downgrade BIOS once to run a newer processor as the later BIOS was designed to prevent its operation.
  9. Wow

    I just clarified everything with what you said. thanks to god there was somebody who knew about this. Well im not the kind of guy who likes to play with the BIOS, but I need my BIOS to be at least P12 to support the lastest processors ( and the lastest BIOS is P21) so do you recommend me to upgrade to P21? because i dont think im going to be able to get the P12 anymore anywhere.

    What do you think about upgrading to P21? sounds like a good idea for you?
  10. might be right with the 2, but the sockets are all the same 370 pin but wont post with the wrong cpus
  11. It depends on whether P21 blocks you from using the CPU you want.
  12. exactly

    How im a going to know if it is going to block the operation of the Pentium III-S if i havent flash the BIOS?

    so my last question would be... D815EEA2 mobos have the option to downgrade BIOS?

    hope so
  13. I just decided to upgrade the BIOS to the P21 and thats it, if it doesnt want to work then Ill try to give it to a technician and fix it.

    thanks anyway to ya all who helped me
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