New PSU, stabil, silent ond a lot of juice. Help please!

Hi there
I´m looking for a new PSU. It should be stabil, quiet and have lots of watts and Amps.
I will be running Sli mode and maybe 64 dualcore, plus the normal hardware.
Can u help me?
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More about stabil silent juice please
  1. Get atleast a 500w or 550w PSU

    PSU calculator
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  3. Actually I was thinking somthing like 600W+ and at least 18A on each +12V. Any suggestions on some good quality brands up to 150$
  4. Fsp Epsilon 600w

    Product Information
    Manufacturer FSP


    • Supports the latest Intel ATX 2.0 standard. Improve the System Compatibility
    • Supports ATI Crossfire & nVidia SLI VGA Card Double +12V Design.
    • Supports the latest AMD 64 CPU
    • Conforms to WEEE & RoHS Environmental Directives in Europe
    • Extremely low noise design, providing consumers with a quiet, good operating environment
    • Ultra high power of 700W, providing the super player enough power to ensure a stable system
    • Over voltage protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection can protect each part of the computer.
    • High quality blue cover coating
    • 12 cm light blue fan, enhancing heat dissipation and reaching the minimum noise requirement
    • Neat and tight mesh sleeving improves the ventilation.
    • Smart Housing easy plugable D-type connector design.
    • Honeycombed cooling vents on the case reduce noise and improve the heat dissipation and air flow.


    • AC Full Range Input is applicable throughout the world.
    • High efficiency and power saving design >85%
    • Independent 4 Channel 12V Input design. Provides stable power.
    • 0.99 Active PFC. Improves the rate of power utilization.
    • 20+4Pin Connector designing compatible to all motherboards in the market.
    • 4+4Pin Connector design, complying with the requirement of CPU for ATX or EPS system
    • S-ATA Connector design which supplies high transfer S-ATA interface products with stable power
    • 2 Channel PCI-E Connector with ATI & nVIDIA dual graphic card support
    • 8 Pin 12V which supports double CPUs and supplies stable voltage.
    • MTBF:100,000 hours
    Core Properties Value
    Stockcode PSUFSP600GLN
    Manufacturer FSP
    Last Updated 01/11/2005 15:32:17
    Manufacturer Code FX600-60GLN

    Specification Value
    Dimensions 140 X 150 X 86 mm
    Watt 700
    PFC Active


  5. Quote:

    Actually I was thinking somthing like 600W+ and at least 18A on each +12V.

    Any suggestions on some good quality brands up to 150$

    In order to test power consumption, we used our trusty SeaSonic PowerAngel watt monitoring unit which our systems were plugged into. The PowerAngel monitors the entire system's power (not just the CPU), but we can certainly see how much power the CPU consumes in comparison to the rest of the components below. Each system was loaded with identical hardware, that being 1 GB of memory over 2 x DDR modules, a GeForce 6800 Ultra 256 MB PCI Express graphics card, a single Raptor 74 GB SATA hard drive and a Plextor DVDRW unit.
    All were powered by an Enermax Noisetaker 2.0 600W power supply.

    Enermax Noisetaker EG701AX-VE SFMA support both 20pins and 24pins DUAL CPU motherboards !!

    Dual Core Done Right : AMD’s Athlon64 X2 Processors

    Enermax Noisetaker EG701AX-VE SFMA 2.0 600W
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