Sata II drive on Sata I MB?

Hey guys! are there any compatibility issues when using a SATA II hard drive on a SATA I mobo?

I want to buy a 250gb Maxtor MaxLine III HD, but the price is the same for the two interfaces. So I was thinking, why shouldn't I buy the SATA II version planning to use it with my current SATA I mobo (MSI K8n neo4-f), if I can use it later in the future if I get a SATA II mobo?

I'm worried about data corruption or something like that.

Any comments?
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  1. If its truly up to the SATA II spec, it should be backwards compatible. Typically the hard drive manufacturer should say, so i'd recommend to look it up on their website.
  2. I would think it would be backwards compatable, much like ATA 100 and 133.
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