Dual-core Opterons - which are the best value?

I'm choosing between the dual core opterons, which ones do you guys think offers the best value/price? Also, which overclocks the best or is most stable? Thanks!
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  1. As far as i know all opterons can OC like hell. An opteron 165 will do.
  2. Both the 165 and 170 are good price for performance. I heard the 170's during week 30 were overclocking pretty high http://wiki.extremeoverclocking.com/wiki/Opteron_Steppings#Stepping_Info I myself just bought a 170 from Monarch on the 16th, ill let you know the code and week they are selling....

  3. 165 all the way
  4. yeah probably right :(
  5. CCB1E 0550 VPMW
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