SLI and Crossfire: Worth it?

I've been considering upgrading to an SLI configuration.
Thing is, the games I'm playing right now seem to work just fine on my single 6600GT PCI-E video card.
My MSI board is not set up for SLI, so making that jump means buying a new motherboard, and either buying another 6600GT (cards have to be the same) -- or buying a new motherboard AND two new cards.
I'm not a big fan of first person shooters. Morrowind Oblivion is the one title I'm anxiously looking forward to buying.
I guess I'm really directing this question to those who have already done it: Was the cost (either SLI or Crossfire) really worth it?
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  1. Not really worth the upgrade. Spend the extra buck and buy a highend card like the X1900 or wait for the 7900 nvidia.
  2. yeh man just get the single card its cheaper and you dont see that much difference
  3. Honestly I think SLI is not pratical. Yeah it is uber cool, and if I ever had a free compiter spending spree then I might get it. But with graphics cards being improved every 3-6 months I just dont see the use of it for the average enthusiast. Though great top of the line OCing boards all seem to have SLI.
  4. Looking at the bechmarks from Anand and TH, the single card configurations stay at the top. It depends on what exactly you want.
  5. I agree with the posters above.

    A decent Single Card is better.

    SLI and Crossfire are still kinda buggy / beta and the performance does not warrant the expense.

    Get a single 7800GT or wait 0-30 days for the 7900GT @ which time all prices should come down.

    Semper Fi Linux on :D
  6. Thanks to all.
    I hate to spend money unnecessarily -- I always aim for the upper middle, anyway, not the uber superfact cutting edge.
    I'll stick with what I've got for now, then buy the fastest single video card I can fit into my household budget when it becomes absolutely necessary.
  7. sli is for hige rez gaming. like 1600X1200 with everything on max.

    a 7800GT cant push enought frames at 1600X1200 with everything maxed. i know this first hand. a 7800GTX can barely do it. but if your not in the high rez area just grab a 7800GT
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