first time builder...any advice/comments?

Ok here's what i am thinking for my setup (all prices quoted in Australian Dollars):

1. Casing:Coolermaster Ammo 533 (99)
2. PSU :Coolermaster Extreme 430W (55) - Is this OK? Want to save on this if possible
3. Mobo: DFI SLI Infinity (220)
4. Graphics Card: XFX Geforce 256MB GT (535) - Won't go SLI
5. RAM: OCZ XTC 2GB (385)
6. Proc: AMD X2 4200+ (527)
7. HDD: Seagate 250gb

Possibilities: Thermaltake SI-120 + CFM 1700rpm 120mm (I may want to overclock so should i get it or get later?)

I have an old extrenal SONY DVD burner so i'll be using it for this setup.

I'm not a hardcore gamer but I would like to be able to play all the latest games at least at medium settings.

Also I'm interested in overclocking, and from what i've read the stuff i have chosen overclocks quite decently. I'm new to overclocking :)

I'm blowing 1/3 of my budget on the 2405fpw Dell monitor. So my question is, is there any way i can reduce the cost of my setup with an equivalent for any of the components above? Any suggestions on alternatives would be appreciated.

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  1. What kind of geforce card is that? If it's a 7800GT, and you only want to play on medium settings, knock it down to a 6800GS for $100 less. That will play most games out on medium/high
  2. Yeah it's a GT version. Well i want to play on AT LEAST MEDIUM settings. if i can push it further to high settings then yeah. I think i'll stick with the GT. Unless ppl can suggest a same alternative version of gt?

    The XFX GT i'm buying is overclocked out of the box. and is cheaper than the ASUS Extreme 256Mb GT.

    Any other good alternatives?

    Another question: Is 430W sufficient to power this setup? The coolermaster extreme 430W is ok/efficient? or antec truepower2 430W is more worth my money. but that cost 2x more. but if it's worth it then i'll do it :)
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