WOW!!!! over 16000 3DMark05 on single X1900

Check this out gang!!!!!
16000 on 3DMark 05 :wink: :wink: :wink:
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  1. pfft...if i get my x1900xt out ,take off the fan, overclock it by uber amounts of MHZ i can get over 30k points if i blow on it to keep it cool.

    nah, i only get just over 10,000 with my x1900xt :( 16,000 is impressive. I would love to see those graphics test with a smooth FPS.
  2. That is fre@kin' awesome my man. I barely get over 10k on my 7800GTX 256. :)

    Well they used the phase change cooler on it. But Im sure if it runs in crossfire it would be a lot faster. Better than buying a $1K cooler. But the test still pretty darm impressive though.
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