is there a pic-e to agp adapter

I have seen the agp to pic-e but i want it the other way. If not why not?
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    Try this......good luck tying to find it though. Been looking for a couple of months. Venders who sell video cards won't stock it because they make more money selling the pci-e upgrades. If you do find it let us know..........usa..........
  2. It doesn't make sense to buy a fast pci-e card only to be reduce to an AGP's bandwith. That's what are AGP cards are for, and the best one right now is the 7800GS that goes around for $300. That or you could switch to a pci-e board.
  3. They do exist but they are hard or impossible to find are impractical and even if you could get one you should expect to have issues.

    It's not a good idea.

    As mentioned above an ASRoc board or motherboard upgrade is a much better choice.
  4. Chuckshissle..... I think the adapter was brought to light with the idea of using your old agp card until you could afford putting an sli card on your board.
  5. PCI-E you mean?
  6. Well that would make sense, if you said it that way. But I've never heard someone using this adaptor.
  7. I haven't either... having used strange PCI and other risers however I have to tell you if it does exist it probably doesn't work very well.

    I know an AGP to PCI-E adapter does exist. A PCI-E to AGP probably does not but [almost] anything is possible.
  8. If there was such an adapter, and it worked well, I'd think it would have been huge news immediately. A 7800GT fitting into your current AGP setup! SO I am with you in that it does not exist, or has big stability/compatibility/voltage frying issues if it does. I wouldn't doubt somebody has looked into designing one, but I do doubt a succesful one exists or will exist.
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