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i was thinking of updating my system to Win Vista when it comes (currently XP). i know i can install 2 windows at the same drive but i want to keep just the vista but that would mean i would have to format my drive and delete the programmes

my question is, is there any way i can remove XP and instal vista without formatting the drive? would back up software help?
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  1. The best way to go to a new operating system is just to format the drive and start over. If you have files that you want to keep, then by all means back them up. You should be doing that anyway. Get an external hard drive or usb drive depending on the size of the files, then back those things up.

    Having said that, Vista will probably allow you to install to the same partition as a Windows XP system. It would just overwrite the Windows folder and keep everything else on the drive as is. That also leaves you with a bunch of orphaned files and wasted space. Therefore the best option is letting Vista format the drive and start clean.
  2. There will be no upgrade option for Vista, and if I were you I would wait about a year before moving to Vista. If you insist, you would need to format. Or you could make your current partition smaller, and make a new partition for vista. And install it there. Then you would have a duel boot.
  3. Agree New Install will save you from many potential problems later.

    Its worth the time, I use XP -pro and Im formating the system drive about twice a year , saves me many problems.
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  6. Everyone knows you don't keep your files and your OS on the same partition.

    Install the OS and all your applicatitions on one partition. Keep all your files on the other.

    That way you can backup/restore just your os using imaging software and do clean installs all without touching your files.
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