Weird Win 7 problem.

Ive got a MSI gx740 laptop, which has started pplaying up.
When i start up into win 7 home premium it takes at least 5mins to load.
When it does finally load virtually anything i try and click on takes an age to respond.
The HDD light seems to stay on for an abnormal length of time.
Now ive run CCleaner,Spybot and had Norton 360 already running, and it hasnt brought anything significant up, but the problem is still there.
I can boot into safemode with networking, but when normal booting i have no internet?
My specs are;
i5 430m core, not overclocked
4gb DDR
radeon 5870 1gb
Have i got virus issues or is my HD u/s,would it still safe-boot if it was the HD.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Run a second virus and spyware scan with different programs. Download the Avira Antivir recovery CD, run that. And install Malwarebytes and run that, do a Full Scan. Best to run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode.
  2. Cheers for the advice, ive done some of that. Unfortunately it didnt really work so im reformatting........booo
  3. As a suggestion, after you get the thing setup clean and move your files over, do a backup of the system then. Cloning software like Ghost or Acronis with an external drive works well.
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