Is the HiS IceQ II worth the extra $50?

I'm looking at the X800 GTO PCIe to go with my soon to be ordered:
AMD 3700+
2GB Corsair (512 x 4)

The HiS is $195 w/ a $50 mail in rebate.
Sapphire is $146. The rebate should make it a no brainer, but I still have to come up with the extra 50 out of pocket. I've read a bit about heat issues with the X800 with and w/o OCing. Haven't decided if I'll OC the vid yet, but I'm sure I'll at least play around with it.

Also considering the X1600 Pro 256MB in the $150 range. Same 12 pipes, but only 128 bit interface.

I haven't built a new PC in about 3 years, and haven't kept myself up to date. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. DO not touch the X1600. Its a poor midranged solution compared to that X800 or a 6800GS for that matter.

    As for the OC'ing. The IceQ design is quite similar to the Silencer design.
    My X800pro went from stock (475/900) to 535/1125 ---or something to that effect. I cant remember the exact frequencies, but it was very close to that.
    So I wouldnt hesitate personally.

    Nice setup overall....but like I said, try to stay away from midranged ATI cards that are x6 or 700 and the x13, 1600.
  2. I think the His X800GTO Ice Q is a great deal for that price. Nice quiet heatsink/fan and Flatout is a fun game if you like racing games. Easily worth the rebate hassle over the Sapphire IMO.
  3. The HiS heatsink is made by Arctic Cooling and that's a nice cooler.
  4. I haven't had the chance to personally own a HIS card, but from what I've read on the web, it's a supperb card. Not just with cooling, but the overall workmanship is very good (talking in general).
  5. Info is much appreciated. Was kinda leading that way, amd you've made up my mind.

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