CLI.exe Problems with ATI x850 xt pl

Hi guys

Everytime i play a game like COD 2 or BFME 2 my computer restart after playing a while sometimes in 5 min sometimes in 10 min it really depends. I am using ATI Catalyst 6.2 with .NET package 1.1 English.

My OS is Windows XP pro Dutch version with SP 2 installed and all the updates till now. I have no virus or what so on my computer also i got dx 9.0c

My computers specs are Asus a7N8x deluxe nforce 2 (latest bios),Amd 2600 XP 2,5 gig of ram ddr 400 Sata raid 0 and Sound blaster audigy card

When I look in my ACCevent log I found out the following error.

My error message:
0000000001: 2006-02-18 19:00:23:359 Win32 Language: Current culture language is not an inexact supported language either nl-NL
Error Called by: ATI.ACE.CLI.Component.Runtime.Runtime::SetTongues processID:00256 threadID:(CLIRuntime ) domainName:(cli.exe ) assemblyName:(CLI.Component.Runtime, Version=1.2.2217.17269, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e)

If i look in my other log

I see this I translate it from dutch to english.

Time 19:00:24
The COM+-eventysteem has within the internal proces an invalidg result code founded. HRESULT is C0000005 for line 44 of d:qxp_slpcomcom1xsrceventstier1eventsystemobj.cpp.

Has someone a solution outthere for this problem.

Already a big thanks!
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  1. hey,
    i had the same problem with my x850 pro. the problem is the card gets too hot and then stops responding to the driver commands. specifically the GPU core temperature. once this goes above 80 degrees C, the card will crash or error out. mine did the same thing. it would either restart or lockup with a black screen and the game audio looping. try downloading ATI tool. it's a 3rd party app meant for overclocking but it has a good temperature monitor tab as well as a fan control tab. ati's fan on the card defaults to a fan speed thats lower that the card needs to cool down. i've been using it for about a month now and no crashes. turn the fan speed to about 90-100% when your card goes above 60. you can also set it so the fan will dynamically change speeds based on the core temp or you can just have it on a defined speed all the time. just so you know 90-100% fan speed will get a little noisy. i'm playing BFME 2 also. are your shadows pixelated like mine are? also if you have any tips on settings to boost the performance without droping too much of the pretty stuff let me know.
  2. Try runnin .NET 2.0, first of all it reduces the number of random CLI spawns, and it's far more stable and quick.

    Alot of us had been running the Beta of .NET2.0 to improve performance and avoid glitches. Without 2.0 you need to run the patch on 1.1 so might as well run 2.0 anyways for all it's benifits. Try than and see if your issues clear up.
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