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In the process of building a gaming rig. amd 3,700+SD/ ASUS A8N-E/ ATI x850xt/Cors.xms2GB(2x1GB) and currently have a old hp f50 12" flat screen. Lookin for somethin bigger that will be just for gaming so can give f50 to a internet machine. Should I just keep same monitor ? or have prices come down enough to justify buying one for gaming only?
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  1. I suggest the 19" Viewsonic lcd monitor. Great in both quality and value.
  2. Dell's 21" Widescreen (includes 4 USB ports) is quite nice. Some of the Dell Kiosk's at your local mall have this one on display. You can actually pick this up through Costco Online for 439.99 which includes S&H. If you spring for the 24" version (dell) you get a built in Card Reader and 4 USB ports on the LCD. Its a little steep...849.99 (Costco). Both are quite awesome. The very best that I have seen (In my opinion) however is the new 20" Samsung Model 204B. The Samsung has a 800:1 contrast and a 5MS response time. For the price I would lean towards the 21 inch wide Dell.
  3. I suggest the Samsung 19" TFT, it has an 8ms response time and does not ghost when playing games, hope this helps :D
  4. I love my NEC FE992. Yeah, yeah it's a 19" CRT but I'm old
    school. I'm not sold on LCD's...yet. Specs say 1600x1200 max
    but it truely goes up to 2048x1536.

    Besides, at $250 with shipping you take the $200+ saved and
    get 2GB of ram or upgrade the cpu. Space is a non-issue for
  5. if you are a gamer I would go with a CRT as long as space is not an issue my friend recently got a 21" ibm monitor and the thing is amazing 1600x1200 resolution on counter strike source and battlefield 2 is amazing, make sure if you get a monitor this big youve got the hardware to back it up

    if you have to have your settings on all high prepare to buy SLI or Crossfire to run such resolutions. but right away id say CRT all the way ive got a 19" gateway fpd1810 and im pretty happy with it not alot of ghosting even for how old it is condier the 1000$ retail though. CRTs look great and cost alot less dough
  6. 16ms response time seems to be the sweet spot for gamers. Most monitors above 17 inch have around 25ms response times. I still am in favor of the CRT's because of high resolutions and faster refresh rates. I would wait a while to get the LCD's and stick with the CRT's for now.
  7. You need a new monitor. The best monitors are still CRT monitors. They cost less now but still take up to much space. I'd find a good 19" or 21" monitor to play games and surf the web with. I bought a 21" Dell P1110 At Fry's for $225.00 just six months ago.
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