Popping sound problem, pls help!!!!

I have a great problem. When im playing games several minutes (for example Battlefield 2) the sound popping and crashing. 5 seconds and my pc is rebooting. Im changed my motherboard, my video card, the freezing is fade away but the popping is stayed (with 1-2 sec. "freezing").
I have an athlon 64 with a motherboard with Uli chipset, Samsung SATA hard disc, nv 7800GT, Audigy 2 ZS and 2x1Gb Hynix "D43".
What is the problem? :(
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  1. Sorry for my bad english... :oops:
  2. Audigy 2 drivers up to date? ULI chipset drivers for WinXP latest? Latest BF2 version with patches?

    Does your MB have onboard sound you can enable to try instead of the Audigy2ZS??

    Is power supply up to spec? (350 watt quality unit if using a 7800GT?)
  3. Yes, i installed the latest drivers for every hardware and the latest patch for the BF2.
    I tried the onboard sound, but the problem is same... :?
    My power supply is 580W Silentmaxx
  4. I hope this helps you. I had the same problem a while ago. If the video freezes, and you hear the sound repeating or popping either your video card or your sound card is overheating. In my case, it was my video card. The fan wire was stuck in the slats of the fan preventing it from turning. Check to see that the video card fan is unobstructed. If it is, then you need to increase airflow in your case.
  5. My videocard's temperature is 42C. I tried another videocard but the problem is same.
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