Witch games support dual core processors?

In the cpu charts the athlon 4000 is faster than the athlon x2 4800 in all games benchmarks. I think the reason is because the games don't fully support the dual core technology yet.

Anyone who knows witch are the games that support dual core processors please send me back a reply?
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  1. Mario and Prince of Persia version 0. some reports pointed at packman 2
    :D :?
  2. call of duty 2
    quake 4

    and a few more but I know these 2 games have dual core support with a patch
  3. There is no such list of games. Maybe thereis a couple of them out there like CO2. As we go and dual core comes to play game developers release patches for games to support Dual Core.

  4. All games should support dual-core soon. For example, CS will supoort is coming out with a version that will support dual core. As dual-core becomes mainstream, the gaming industry has no choice but to make software that is compatible with it. The consumers should not have to wait much longer.
  5. Quote:
    call of duty 2
    quake 4

    and a few more but I know these 2 games have dual core support with a patch

    quake 4 actually performed pretty bad with dual cores. they released a
    patch that spiced up the performance on dual cores, tho i doubt its significantly
    better then with single core cpu's. the future games sure should take
    advantige, but current or older games dont.
  6. They all do. Just pick two and play 'em at the same time!!! :lol:
  7. There are no official games right now that fully supports dual core I guess so. But some game developers are posting some patches on there sites to support the dual core.
  8. so with call of duty 2 patch the benchmarks will put the athlon x2 4800 above the athlon 64 4000 and maybe the athlon fx55.

    am i right??
  9. The biggest plus for dual cores, in gaming comes from Sli and crossfire. They allow aditional gfx work to be done by the extra core.
    While the theme of the day is that game devolopers will write code to support multithreading, it's just not that easy. Compilers have been shown to be problematic. That means that code must be done long hand, and then run through a very long debugging phase. We are talking almost twice the manhours to get product out the door.
    It is far easier to add a little more eye candy, and let dual gfx take care of it, with a little help.
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