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I've been looking at the MSI K8N NEO 4 Platinum and they have one PCI-E 4x and "one orange slot reserves as communication slot." Googled the PCI-E 4X and didn't find anything that said what specific devices you use these for. What kind of devices use these 2 slots for? Thanks
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  1. Don't know about the orange one but I always thought it was a PCI? There are no cards out that are 4x PCIe though. There are some 1x PCIe cards though and since PCIe cards are backwards compatible you could use a 1x card in a 4x or even 16x slot if you wanted.
  2. Yes, the 4x is bigger and you can put a 1x card in there even though it won't take up the whole slot. Nifty, eh!?
  3. Every now nad then the engineers get it right. :D
  4. I have this board. The orange (comm slot) can be used as a regular PCI slot. The PCI-e 4x slot is adjacent to the PCI-e 1x slot, but actually only runs at 2x since it only uses two PCI-e lanes. None the less, the PCI-e 4x slot is backwards compataible with 1x and 4x cards will downshift to 2x. The only 4x cards I know of are some RAID controllers.
  5. Hawkeye, see you have the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum MOBO. Have narrowed the MOBO to this and the EPoX Ultra. I have 3 MSI boards, 2 865PE and an 845PE. One of the 865s died under warranty and was replaced. Problem is that on newegg seems like a lot of these MSIs are DOA or die pretty quickly, have you had any problems? Find MSIs have good documentation and the web site suppor is good. Read a lot of good stuff on the EPoX but seems difficult to find answers on their on-line support, which is why I'm asking.
  6. I just got this board from Newegg in December. I was skeptical because the reviews were hit or miss. Either I'm lucky or the newer revs (or bios - was already current) of this board have been fixed. I've had no problems so far and it's been rock solid. The manual is well documented. I'm currently running stock, but have played around with the OC'ing with good results but didn't try pushing it since I'm using the stock hsf that came with my X2 4400. Memory is running @ 2-3-2-5 1T stable.
  7. Don't really OC but did try to OC with Core Center but that really didn't work. In fact gave up on Core Center, kept messing up the memory voltage on the 865 boards. Good to know your not haning any problems, thanks.
  8. I didn't have any luck with corecell either. Manual tweaking had much better results. Good luck!
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