Review my PC and provide feedback please! Mpjesse too!


Ive been reading through the forums and getting a lot of information about all this having one card or two card options and whats better for the money ratio and all that jazz.... but it still left me unsatistified with questions that already have been answered hahah.. anyway I am building a new PC soon and I was hoping you guys could provide some feedback on my setup, more so torward the video card since I know this is a video card section... all other stuff leave feedback if you guys like :o

keep in mind: with all this fuss about getting the baddest and best stuff every other month or having options to upgrade further down the road... that doesnt really matter to me since I dont really enjoy upgrading my system unless its a full overhaul...

so those video card threads that was being posted a lot about going SLI or using just one card.... I either gotta decide with your help of course to go SLI or just one card and thats the end of that... since I dont want to even touch my PC when its done being built.. haha...

In addition about adding "MPJESSE"'s user name in my topic, was just to get your attention since I saw a few of your posts in this thread and thought they were very helpful and was hoping you would catch this thread and respond. :wink:

anyway heres the pc:

Video: I was looking into the BFG 7800 GT going SLI route but reading all these threads getting ideas about the ATI 1900XTX single card option but Id prefer to stick to Nvidia even though the single ATI card option outperforms the two 7800 GTs in SLI according to the threads...

I hear people saying to wait for the 7900 series to come out and get that and such but I dont really care much for having the "Best" all the time and whatnot... just as long as my current system rocks stuff and allows me to enjoy whatever it is im am enjoying... i dont plan to upgrade for the next few years.

In addition to all this, people say SLI is a waste of money and I wont really benefit much out of it since I would be playing most of my games at 1280x1024 resolution... but would it matter if I was enabling all the pretty AA and AF stuff to max at this resolution?

I guess its comming down to if I should stick with one card or two cards... if I should get two 7800 GTs or one 7800 GTX (which is rare it seems to find one in stock).

CPU: AMD ATHLON 64 4000+ (2.4Ghz) San Diego 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Processor (90 nm Process Type) (is 0.13 um process type better? i dunno what it is)

Motherboard: ASUS (Insert here) - Whats the most popular good ASUS mobo everybody is purchasing these days?

HDs: going to put 2 WD 80 sata 150 in raid 0. (suggestions?)
PSU: Probably a 500W good brand one. (suggestions?)
Memory: Would getting 2x 1 gig sticks be better then 4x 512 sticks? and which is most popular brands these days and types? what should I get for my machine? (suggestions?)
Monitor: Whats a good CRT for gaming... i was thinking of LCDs but they get pretty expensive. (suggestions?)

Thank you all again for any feedback and help. I apprecitate it tons!

My Current System:

CPU: Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67 ghz)
Mobo: Asus A7V333 Mobo KT333
Mem: 2x 512 Samsung PC2700
Video: BFG Geforce 6600 GT OC
Sound: SB Audigy 2
HD: 1x WD 100GB 8MB, 1x WD 250GB 8MB, 7200RPMs
PSU: Allied 400W
CD: Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352B
Case: Asus Vento 3600
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  1. I agree, try to go dual core over a 4000+. 0.13um is older,
    90nm is AMD's current size.

    I have an NEC FE992 19" CRT I'm very happy with. (about $250 w/shipping)
  2. Put on the brakes! Windows Vista will be out soon and it will usher in a new generation of DX10 compliant video cards.

    I'd wait for Vista...
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