Will thermal compound do this???

Here's the deal... I have a HP Pavilion 533W. I recently took it apart to clean it like I've done half a dozen times before. Cleaned CPU and HSF off put on new compound ect... (cept I got the tiniest bit on the green part of the CPU). Cleaned the dust out of everything, took the case off the PSU to blow the dust out of it but didnt take it apart any futher then that. Hooked it all back up and it wont boot. No picture at all and no fans work.. even the power indicator on the front of the computer comes on and then goes back off after about 10 seconds.

Im not sure how the ram is supposed to be seated but could that even be it??? If the ram was in wrong would no fans work????? I dont think its in wrong, seems like it will only go in one way.

Would the thermal compound cause these problems... did it ruin my CPU?????

I fear the mobo is dead but I hope not. Its not under warrenty (and if it were it would be void because I opened it up and played with it). The real bitch is though, the recovery partition is linked to this mobo... so if it goes bad and I cant get the exact same one not only do I have to buy a new mobo but windows XP as well.
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  1. More likely the CPU or RAM isn't seated right.
  2. Yes, the compound will cause this and if the HSF is not seated correctly, it will cause these issues too. Double check all of your connections and reseat the HSF and RAM. If the CPU fan for example is not plugged to the MB, it more than likely won't boot.
  3. So I should try to clean all the compound off the CPU??? I got some on the waffer on the top side on the edge by the IHS. This compound could cause the fans not to run??? Ill clean it all off then and see about reseating the ram and cpu.
  4. Depending on what type of compound your using, if you get it on the MB itself, it can cause issues. Clean the area very well using rubbing alcohol and reapply the compound.
  5. Well I have the computer running, Im posting this from it. Seems the CPU wasnt seated right may have been the ram but I resteaded both and now it works. Theres thermal compound on the 1/8 inch edge on the top of the cpu (not the IHS but beside it). Its a small ammount here and there... theres even a little tiny bit on the very edge of hte bottom. None got on the mobo and its some cheap crap I got from the local computer shop.
  6. That's cool man. I wouldn't worry too much about it and just monitor the temps for a while. Glad to hear you got it up and running.
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