Hi, I am going to be putting together a new PC soon and am planning on purchasing a ASUS A8N-SLI Socket 939. I have been wondering if it is worth the extra $50.00 to step up to the premium edition. Can anyone give me any opinions? Thanks.
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  1. go Premium, for Heat pipe and less bios problems, the delux is good but ive seen the fan on the chipset fail and several problems with the bios and people needing to update i also think the premium has less RAM issues..
  2. the premium i like it way better
  3. the premium is great, but if u dun want to spend the extra $, there is other stuff
  4. I have the A8N-SLI Deluxe. I have been happy with it except for 2 things

    1.BIOS is too old (1002) You need newer to run two core CPUs. My guess is that newer Deluxe boards would have newer BIOS ver.

    2. Flakes is right on with the chipset fan. That thing got louder then my case fans. I replaced it with a passive cooler and it works fine.

    Also, I did have a problem with my memory. I tried to put 4gigs in. I kept getting the BSOD. I took it down to 2gigs and so far it has been working flawlessly.

    Spend the $50 and get the Premium
  5. I have owned the Premium board for 4 months now and really like its features, Heat-pipe, dual Sata-Marvel and Nvidia. Mine came with the latest Bios version and the only dislike I have of it is the lack of an easy way to do a memory devider for OC'ing. By the way the most recent Bios fro the Deluxe allows 4 Gig of memory at full bandwidth, so it is worth updating your older one. Enjoy your purchase either way, both boards are quite good. :D
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