Need Help.. pimping my gaming machine

Im planing a upgrade , i have a 64-3200 and a x800pro... but i,m going daft now and loooking to upgrade to the max :twisted: here is what i have ordered is it the best i can get without spending anymore can,t aford the fx 60 :( .
Asus VGA-Card RX1900XTX 512MB PCI-E 2xDVI HDTV Retail CrossFire multi-VPU technology.829$

AMD CPU ATHLON-64 4800+ X2 S-939 2.4GHz 2x1024KB Boxed 846$

Geil 2.0GB (2x1.0GB) DDR PC3200 400MHz CL3 2.55-2.95V Value Dual Channel $232

Asus Mainboard S-939 Xpress 3200 Crossfire ATX Audio 2xGbLAN 2x1394 SATA Raid $239

i,m over my buget can,t go any further.. is this the best set up i can have for that price..? i have 1 week to comfirm the order.please help.. 8O
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  1. You're lookin' at the master of pimpin' rigs. I would suggest the following for a pimped rig:

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (OC to 4800+ and beyond)
    RAM: G.Skill Extreme DDR500 2GB (1GB x2)
    GPU: ATI Radeon x1900XT (Overclock to XTX)
    MOBO: DFI LanParty CrossFire Board (OC like mad)

    That is a totally pimped out rig, and it will last a long time and be easy to overclock. Now all you need to add is some Neonz, Cold Cathodes, and you'll be PimPeD 4 LyFe!

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  2. go xt the price diff is not worth it, get the abit at8 best crossfire board around with least problems. what psu you have i suggest a enermax libety 680 if you plan to xfire two x1900's later
  3. Get a sweet set of rims, with spinners :D

    3M's (MadModMike's) suggestion is a good one. The X1900s are the best out there right now (which will last about 15 minutes, as someone (nVidia, anyone?) will one up them soon).

    I can personally vouch for OC'ing the 4400+ to a 4800+. Very easy to do and saves about $300 bucks. If really serious about OC'ing, go with the Opty (more money, but unlocked multiplier).

    If going with the Opty, take a look at Tyan MBs. Really serious stuff (they made their name in the server market and make unbelievablly stable MBs).
  4. don,t know how to OC... i have changed my order to the 4400 but still kept the same MB and G card and ram as they did not have the other stuff sugested ib the shop , can i OC with what i have now...`? ps thanks for the advise :roll:
  5. yeah the 7900.... the sure thing about that will be the price.. the 7800s cost alot more than the best 1900s.. there is i went for the xtx crossfire because the price diff was not that much than the xt crossfire. will i be able to OC the G card and prosseser with what i have...? don,t know how to do it yet but will find out ... :lol:
  6. I'd save $100 by getting the 1900XT instead of the XTX, and....

    If you'd change your processor to an X2- 4200+, you might just save anotehr $300+ dollars...

    (The 4200+ might easily make 2.4-2.5G speeds with a quick OC anyway)

    I'd also dump Geil unless you like tinkering with DDR voltage levels, and go for one of OCZ's XMS dual channel kits...
  7. "the 7800s cost alot more than the best 1900s"

    I'm assuming you are referring to the GTX512 variants, which are insanely priced at $750, if you can even find one at all...

    THe 1900XT is indeed a MUCH better choice
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