Strange hard drive performance

Hi all,

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a Hitachi 7200rpm hard drive. A week ago my hard drive started to behave really strange, so I re-installed windows in case there was something with that. But after the installation the hard drive is still performing really bad.

I just installed HD Tach and ran a test, and this is the graph I got:

Any suggestions of what can be wrong, or is it just a faulty drive?

Sincerely //
Jonas Olofsson
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  1. Hmm... is the hard drive making any funny clicking sounds? What do you mean by behave really strange?
  2. Well, not exactly, there are no strange noise... But when trying to read from some parts of it the read speed goes down to almost 0MB/s, which can't be OK. But there are no read errors, just really slow read speeds...

    Here is another graph from HD Tach:

  3. It looks like as soon as your drive comes up to speed, the motor is cutting out.

    Basic troubleshooting strategy -- you need to isolate what is causing the problem. This could very easily be a faulty power rail in your power supply, or even a loose connecter to the hard drive.

    So, I recommend disconnecting the drive and plugging it into another case with another power supply and running the HD tach again.
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