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Hey all -

I'm trying to fix my friends computer, he wants to RAID his hard drives. His mobo comes with a utility called MakeDisk. If you're familiar with the program, you'll know that it attempts to create a bootable floppy disk. The problem is, who buys a floppy drive anymore? It won't let me extract the information in the file to a pen drive, so do you guys have any suggestions?
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  1. Got a computer with an FDD? Just make up a floppy, them copy it to a cd.
    I think that should work. I still use a shiteload of progs, like memtest, data erase, and a bunch of hdd test utilities, so I just wouldn't think of building a setup without a floppy.
  2. Thanks, but I'm looking for a way to use MakeDisk without a floppy drive
  3. it would be easier to get hold of an fdd and slap it in just for the windows installation/installation of raid drivers. The only reason why i keep a FDD is for that.
  4. The windows command SUBST will let you assign an unused drive letter to a path. This should let you assign the drive letter A: to a folder on the hard drive - type HELP SUBST at the command prompt for usage instructions.

    If makedisk only needs to extract files then you should probably be able to use this. If, as you say, it wants to create a bootable disk then you probably should NOT try this.
  5. Yep easy fix,I had the same problem with my asus m3a32mvp mobo tried usin 3 different computers to make disk in the end i simply used the support disk that came with the mobo during OS installation when it asked for the raid drivers i browsed the support disk in the dvd drive but u have to direct the search to the folder named BIN not the folder named DRIVER on the disk the driver folder only contained driver for marvell raid not ati sb600 which is the raid setup i used.
    You may need 2 disk drives connected to computer one for your OS installation disk the other for the mobo support disk also i cant remember wether i directed the search to another folder inside the bin folder but the best thing is to just keep searching different folders on the support disk till u find the driver u want.If u just direct the installation to search your dvd drive for the driver it wont find it you must direct the search into individual folders on the support disk and eventually it will find the drivers you want
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