what is wrong with this ram

ok i admit my knowledge of ram is crap it is really really bad and i need help i still have my old p3 runnin on a intel mobo(model number unknown) that has sdr ram and it sux ok one of the chips burned out and i cant get into windows with 64 mbs of ram(i can just its so slow)ok i got a new stick of 128 mb pc100 ram and it wont work on the mobo 8O i checked everything compatibility issues none the board can run pc 133 ram and then i checked if it was the ram stick its self no scratches no bruises nothin then i put it into my freinds dell p3(an old work station that he got from his dad)which is runnin 512 mb fine and guess what it works im stumped ok my comp a p3 at 1.3 ghz cant run the stick of ram but his a p3( both tualatins) at 1.2 can what the hell is wrong i got the ram for 50 bucks from the computer show here at queens college in jamaica and this guy has never ripped me off before(once i got a bad hd from him 2 months later when the show was agian in town i found him and he gave me all my money back)
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  1. Have you ever heard of period's, coma's, paragraph's..... :D
  2. yes but this isnt school look can you help me or not?
  3. If it worked in your friend's computer is obviously isn't the RAM.
    Did your slot get fried too? You should be able to get your motherdoards
    model number off the motherboard to see if it's compatible.
  4. older boards dont like single sided sticks (which are cheaper) and sometimes show up as half or nothing, and as for frying the stick/slot - REMEMBER TO UNPLUG THE DAM SYSTEM AND CHECK WETHER THE STICKS IN THE RIGHT WAY.

    PC133 means the max speed is 133mhz but will work with boards that support PC100 max (it will just underclock it) - aslong as the interface (SDR/168pin/3.3v) is correct and its fast enough (eg 100mhz for 100mhz).
  5. dude evrything is correct i checked ten times and nothin man and the stick is double sided(very very old from 00 or earlier )
  6. can anyone help does anyone know whats wrong? ok heres some more specs about my freinds system its a p3 tualatin at 1.2ghz 133mhz fsb 256 mb pc133 ram onboard video my comp is a p3 1.3 ghz same fsb and same speed ram
  7. You bought PC100 to replace PC133?

    Your old Intel motherboard said "Wait a minute, The SPD on that dim says it's PC100. I can't run PC100 at PC133 bye bye."

    Get some PC133 :D dig? Intel motherboards don't overclock!
  8. i did took my freinds pc133 ram and it wouldnt work
  9. What brand of memory did you have in your computer when it worked? Try to find the same brand of memory to replace the burned dim. If your dim really overheated to the point it quit working then it may have damanged your motherboard, or your dim could have burned because of a failed motherboard :cry:
  10. no my dimm is some cheap ass brand my freinds got kingston ram in his comp
  11. is you old chip high density or low density

    high density usually only have chips on side of the ram for 128mb

    low density will have chips on both sides

    some mbs will only use one or the other the newer your mb is the less likely it will use the low density stuff

    most pc 100 module are low density

    hope that makes sense
  12. Sounds like the slot is fried, did ya try another one, probably dumb ? but I'm asking anyway.
  13. chips on both sides like my freinds ram hes 2x256 mb stick 2-sided like mine and heres more specs on both our comps
    mine p3 1.3 ghz(tualitan) mobo dont know just its an intel one 40gb hd integrated graphics 2 ram slots agp slot 3 pci
    his p3 1.2 ghz(tuallatin) 512 mb ram kingston agp slot 3 pci 3 ram slots his comp is dads old dell from 01
    and the ram i was using when it worked was some kind of cheap ram all it said was pc133 ok can nayone help also his dads machine has an agp graphics card some ati one and yes i did try it in the other slot nothin!
  14. I've had, actually still have, two dells that are very picky about ram, generic 133 won't work, but specific ram from crucial or kalhon will. But the ram in those two will work in my other crappy old dell fine. I'd say find a friend with a very similar model and try his ram. Or order a new stick specific to your machine from the above. Kahlon is cheap and never fails.
  15. is you comp a brand name or white box / home build
  16. thx michael but my ram works in his comp and his ram doesnt work in mine how is it possible look im gonna go to his house and see what else i can find out about his ram okay be back in a few minutes
  17. is your comp a brand name or white box / home build
  18. Quote:
    is you comp a brand name or white box / home build
    its a rebuilt compaq
  19. if it has the original mb give me the model number and i'll try and find your specific mb
  20. That's a classic example of generic ram on a picky board. His Dell is more tolerant is all.
  21. probably right but if i know what mb he has maybe i can find some ram thats
    guaranteed to work. won't be cheap though since nobodies making it anymore
  22. ok dudes im back heres some more info about my freinds ram its kingston 2x256 mb pc133 registered ecc ram this is the closest match i could find
  23. is his dell an optiplex or something? registered ECC is kinda strange. I have a dell with ecc but it's got RDRAM.
  24. ya it is i think but the mobo looks kina like this but 3pci slots and 3 isa slots and its an intel chipset and it has 3 ram slots help me please btw i took some old 64mb ram from my k6 sdr and it worked fine
  25. do you get any post messages, beeps, etc?
  26. no but i think i figured it out the ram i took from the k6 was kingston 64 mb and i got into windows fine right but my freinds was 256 mb registered do you think thats the problem?do you think that the stick i got was regisetered ram i mean it works fine in his comp but not mine
  27. ecc won't usually work with non ecc . you probably already did this but to just
    to make sure you took your ram out and put his in and it didn't work.

    and some ecc ram had to be installed in pairs on some mb's so did you just try one of his sticks or both
  28. plus ecc generally costs a bit more and it doesn't sound like you put a lot into it
  29. no dude the stick i got off the guy cost me 50 bucks and i think that it is registered ram thats why it would'nt work do you guys think so too or not i mean its the only logical explanation
  30. I could agree on that. is there any markings on the chip you got? List any info on it, might be able to tell.
  31. no its just plain too bad i dont have a camera i could up load some picks but i called dell and they told me that the old p3 workstations took only registered ram so yeah it probably is the problem
  32. if your ram has pc 133 sticker on ecc is usually printed there and with pc 100 almost nonexistant and pc 133 getting scarce the price for generic is getting back into the $50-$100 per stick range even for non ecc
  33. i know man thx for the help guys i found out that the ram was registered ecc and im going to refund it for something better and the guy told me it was pc100
  34. Dell must mean only workstations, cause my dell 1gig and dell 700 both have pc133 sdram no ecc. Hope that works for you!
  35. ok thx man :D
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