70C too high temp for 7800 gtx KO edition?

it idles about 51C
and the temp after 3dmark tests are about 69-71 C

i was wondering if this is not good and i should down clock my gtx?
the factor speed for ko is 490/1300 so i really did not add much

it does not artifact at the clocks i set 514/1330

so i was wondering if other gtx temps are as high?

also i read from other forums that some gtx's have fan issues like the BFG? or was it the BFG GT? anyway could it be the KO edition has fam problems?

thanks for the replys
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  1. i see a lot of u with KO editions out there
    and no1 is willing to say anything?
    please post. any help would be appreciated
  2. 70c on a GPU core isn't that bad. I can't speak from my current GTX bc it is watercooled, but in the past (6800 GT oc'd liked mad) 70c wasn't unreasonable. As long as it doesn't artifact, cause a BSOD, or any lock ups I wouldn't worry. If you are still concerned just position a 80mm fan over it and that should help out.
  3. Try turning your lower front fan around so it will suck the hot air coming off the back of the card, OUT. I tried that as an experiment once, and it not only cooled the card down a little, it helped reduced the temp of the proccessor also.
  4. oh i see thanks for the replies
    i clcoked mine to see how far it would go on just the ko cooling
    turned on it was pretty poor only 550/1350 then it started mad arfictacing

    and when i was testing it hit 81 C!!!! on full load
    so i was thinking maybe water cooling as well flashing my video card bios to one that is volt modded maybe
    or is 550/1350 alrdy the max the gtx can hit?
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