Is it finally time to upgrade? **Need help :)

Alright I am in limbo over what i should do in relation to upgrading.

2 years ago i purchased a p4c 3.2ghz northwood based system.

Today i have the same processer, along with a x800 XT AiW vid card, 2gb of pc3200 ram, and a asus P4P800 SE motherboard.

My question is, would now be a good time to upgrade? The reason why i am scared to wait for the next generation of processers is becuase i wont have big $$$ to shell out for them. According to ebay, i can get around 220ish for my video card, 170ish for the processer, and 40 or so for the mobo.

That cash along with 260 i already have is only 690 or so, and that means I dont have a whole lot to work with.

So the basic problem is this : Should i go ahead and sell and buy now (and if yes what should i get) or should i go ahead and keep what i have, knowing fully well that the parts i already have will just deflate even further in value once the next gen comes out.

EDIT: My case is a sonata 2 with the Antec Smartpower 450W PSU and i already have fans/HD's/x-fi sound card/dvdrw drive , and i would like to keep those parts the same
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  1. Keep what you've got, that's still a pretty damn good PC, in order to notice a difference you'd need at least a 7800GTX paired with a top end processor which probably means a new motherboard (and if you go intel again new RAM) You'd be very hard pushed to do that within your budget.
  2. Don't bother.

    I spent about $1100 upgrading my system (Listed in my sig), from a 2400+ with an Radeon 8500. That was a major upgrade. What you would be doing would be minor for the money you're talking about, if not a downgrade.

    You have at least another year on your system, enjoy it.
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