No startup, no nothing. Help!

I have a brand new motherboard but it will not start at all. There is no beeps, no display at all, only the CPU and PSU fan is active. When I turn it on, nothing happens apart from the fans. When I try to turn it off, the light on the front pannel goes off but my fans are still running. I've checked the jumpers, I cleared the CMOS, I checked the Front pannel connections, unplugged my drives and took out my graphics card and used the intergreted. Confusing! My specs on this computer as follows:

Asrock K8-Upgrade VM800 motherboard with int. gfx Bios rev. P2.00
AMD Sempron 64bit 2800+
512mb DDR 400
Geforce 5500
80gb HDD
DVD burner
L&C technology 350w PSU with:

28A on +3.3V
28A on +5V
19A on +12V
0.88A on -12V
2A on +5VSB

Can anyone help! Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Have you checked to see if any of the brass standoffs are shorting out the motherboard?
  2. pluged in the aux power? switch the ram into a diffrent slot.

    Chances are either the board or psu are dead.

    And yeah - test the board out of the case incase it is shorting.
  3. The case is not shorting - I used a P4 board not so long ago in this case and it had no problem - PSU is fine, tested it and i even tried a TT 430w in there but still no boot.
  4. yeah all boards are diffrent designs and shapes - test it out of the case
  5. Almost sounds like an IRQ conflict with the video, if the screen is blank, and that he mentions it has intergrated video.
  6. Does the system beep?

    Have you tried both the 5500 and the onboard VGA?

    Tried removing the 5500 and just using the onboard VGA?

    Have you disconnected all front panel connectors and just powered it up with a jumper instead?
  7. You may not be hearing your system beep due to the fact that the jumper may not be set for it. Check out your motherboards manual, does your motherboard have status led's that tell you if your cpu, gpu, mem, etc has been detected and the system has booted?
  8. it aint an IRQ conflict with video thats BS

    speaker - either its pluged in or its not (or integrated pizo) - no config for em
  9. Quote:
    it aint an IRQ conflict with video thats BS

    speaker - either its pluged in or its not (or integrated pizo) - no config for em

    I was guessing from previous experience you know. I did work on a board that didn't beep, with intergrated video, powered on with no display, and the PC Speaker is on the board.

    I even waited to hear a blip if it was working on the intergrated side. Usually/typically it does beep 7-8 times if it senses no video card, or there's an error.

    I even reseated the AGP card about 3 times and still no beep, no display.

    So, I basically took it as an IRQ conflict.

    Turned out, after taking out the soundcard and TV card, the display came up. It did have an internal modem to, which I ended up discarding since it was my dad's PC and we had cable.

    That is where he basically inherit my 4600 Ti, and I got 6800 GS.

    Then I plugged the other cards, and everything came up fine.

    The PC speaker did work, since it blipped, when it went out of the bios info screen and booted on to windows.

    Edit: So, IRQ conflict can happen, if the video card doesn't get the IRQ it wants because of another device. The bios is only going to beep, if it doesn't see a video card, or it is faulty.
  10. As already stated try switching the ram to a differnt slot, also unplug enverthing such as floppy, hard driv, dvd rom drive. so you only have basically just the board and cpu ram connected.

    I once had a hard drive that stoped the pc from booting because the power was faulty in the hd
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