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A friend of mines computer is constantly overheating and i've repasted the cpu 3 times now and the final time with artic silver 5. The fan may be the problem it actually stopped running while windows was loaded and we didn't setup the bios for smart fan. The AMD 64 3200+ is using the stock fan and heatsink and I personally had used the computer for over a year with no problems until recently when it's been overheating. It gets around 140 degrees. I'm about to get a new heatsink and fan (a good kind) and see if that doesn't fix the problem. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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  1. You probably have either a bad installed heatsink. That fan problem should really worry you. Are u using any sort of software fan control through Windows?
    Either ways, it sounds to be like u've got a bad fan, change the whole damn thing. Get a Thermalright or a Zalman.

    On a second note, have u overclocked/overvolted the cpu?
  2. No not overclocking I don't do that. I've built 4 computers so I know what i'm doing. The computer is only a year i'm going to guess it's probably the heatsink/fan...stock isn't too good in alot of ppls opinions this seems like the right course.
  3. The fan is probably messed up and or the sensors on the motherboard may be toast...

    Please replace the fan and or consider using a fan controller or wiring the new fan to run at full speed all the time.
  4. Maybe the fan is dirty as hell or some of the heat pipes are broken (cant imagine how anyone could do that, but hey everything is possible).
  5. ]
    Make sure the heat sink is properly installed. Temps should NEVER go above 45 unless you're OCing hard.
    Still,even without heatsink, i never ever thought that a chip could reach such temperatures.
    And whatever you do,do not let the computer run with the overheating probs. It won't last long.
  6. I have to agree with the others, sounds like you need to replace the fan and run it off one of the other AUX fan plugs on your Mobo or even directly from the PSU. My 3200+ runs at 45C during the middle of the day (35C Aussie weather) and that is without any heat paste on it :P
  7. 35 C? That's hot,very hot. :P
    In winter times the weather here were i stand reaches even -30 C(outside of course)! Even an uberly OC AMD thunderbird(gosh,those were hot) would not overheat in these conditions.
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    So,from what country am i from? It shouldn't be that hard if you have map/knowlage.
  10. Would that be Romania perhaps?
  11. toutch the heatsink and see if its hot. maby the sensor is off
  12. Presto! No wonder i usually keep it a secret huh? :( With all the bad feedback we've been getting, i'd better not think of other's opinion on us.
    That made me change my mind about you. You maybe aren't that bad after all though you shouldn't bash Intel with every AMD>intel bench. Also i noticed that you still favor nvidia's high end or advise on waiting more for G80. Now why to do that when ATI is the clear ruler for now? G80 won't be that much better and will cost a fortune for sure.
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  15. No it is hot, I don't doubt the sensors. My friends computer will freeze on him after a while which is no surprise. I'll try a different power source for the fan, if anything i'll be getting a new fan/heatsink for it.
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