3D glasses. which ones?

Hello people,

My first post, though I have been reading others before. I live in Switzerland, Geneva though I'm Russian. I write that because its not such a big competition for computer stuff here, and you see less companies with less stuff to sell.

My question is about 3D goggles/glasses, which ones and where- and to take into account that it could be shipped to Switzerland. I read about -



but have no idea if they are good or not. Please help, Thanks!
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  1. The eMagin Z800 3D Visor is the first head mounted display (HMD) to deliver on the promise of an immersive 3D computing experience. Anyone can now surround themselves with the visual data they need without the limits of traditional displays and all in complete privacy. Now, gamers can play "virtually inside" their games, personally immersed in the action. PC users can experience and work with their data in a borderless environment.
  2. Heh 900 USD, but hmm that is the full glasses, Its cool to see them but I am more interested in the ones that only make a 3D image COMBINED with the monitor as showed in my links before.

    The program somehow splits the fullscale image into two parts or something and the glasses combine them, making them realisticly in depth.

    So you actually do need a minitor, and the glasses are sort of an add on, and the pricing is much more different, the least and most i have seen was in range of $20-$120.

    I became intersted in them since THIS thread because I had problems with my cd-key as they all had after the 1.12 patch, and I noticed this thread.
  3. You are buying #D glasses?!?


    Is this some sort of joke?
  4. nah its not a joke, yeah i wanna buy pair and see how are they. why? because i like to have fun...
  5. From my limited expirience, the "add on" goggles don't do much, ecept add eye strain and an uncomfortable, and rather odd looking device to your face.

    However, I have seen the full face visors and they look pretty sexy.
    You still look like a twat to everyone around you, but it looks super fun :D
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