They test the 2.113GHz P-M and against all the Turion 64 derivatives. You'll love the results. :wink:

Without Cool'n'Quiet, the low powered Turion MT proved to be slightly more efficient than the ML versions, and both versions of the Turion bested the Pentium M. Once again, the differences are very minor, and even the Athlon 64 is not totally lost in this comparison.

One point of interest is the fact that the core voltage for the Pentium M was almost identical to the Turion ML models. The slightly higher power draw suggests that, at the same clock speed and core voltage, the Pentium M is not quite as efficient as the Turions.

Ohh, and let's not forget that the Turion does all that with 64-bit support from day 1. 8)

Read the whole thing here:
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  1. The only concern I had in this article was that they were looking at things from a power consumption perspective and not a performance perspective. For instance the Tech Report comparison showed that although the ML-44 generally outperforms the 760, the 760 does manage to keep up and even win a few benchmarks. This is pretty interesting considering the ML-44 has a 400MHz advantage and is $60 more expensive. The 770 will probably be able to keep up with the ML-44, which is AMD's fastest Turion64, while the SilentPCReview also shows that the power draw from the 770 is equivalent to the MT-40. In other words higher performance per watt.

    It's too bad they only used the AOpen i915Ga-HFS instead of the i915GM that they've reviewed before. That would have lowered system power draw further. Can't wait for a Core Duo comparison though.
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