best agp Gpu for 100GBP

Im new here, but I tend to look around alot, for help and information.

My question is, as stated above, what is the best agp card for around 100 pound (sterling)

Ive been looking at these 3 so far, I see improvements over some, but then i see areas where the cards are hindered and I can not make my mind up. Also if you could suggest anything else?, keeping in mind I live in the u.k and as much as i would love a 6800gs, im short on cash and would like to play games such as far cry, hl2 and cod2 at fairly good settings.


sapphire X1600 pro

Leadtek 6600gt
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  1. Hi mate, you can get a BFG 6800 GS OC from for 120 pounds! well add the VAT and 8 quid delivery but i think its really worth it. It used to be 160 (without VAT), then went down to 140 (3 days ago, when i bought it) and the day after i bought it went down to 120 !!! well its a sucker for me but it was still worth every penny :D

    buy it quickly, as it will go up soon.
  2. That Gecube is great & it's already OCed out of the box.
  3. The Gecube X800 GTO will be as good as the 6800 GS AGP, for less money to boot. Looks like a good deal.

    Better than the X1600 and 6600 GT for sure.
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