Upgrading Video from ATI Radeon XPress 200. Need help

We bought my son a Compaq Presario SR 1610NX system for christmas, but it really stinks for playing games. I upgraded his memory, but the PC uses ATI Radeon XPress 200 for graphics. I think this is where the problem is. He loves games like Guild Wars and Half Life 2, but it's so slow on his PC he really doesn't enjoy it. Since he's only 12, and the PC isn't a cutting edge system anyway, I don't want to mortgage the house for a video card. I'm thinking about buying him a NVidia 6600 card with 256MB for about $100. Not a GT or anything. Just a 6600. Do you guys think this will get him up and running on his gaming? If so, what company to you recommend?

Thanks as usual.
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  1. yeah that would be nice but get the x1600 it would be better it cost 125 on newegg
  2. What makes it better?
  3. A 6600GT is around $140-ish or less....

    Much better than vanilla 6600....
  4. well i would recommend a BFG 6800 GS OC. I had a 9550 ant it really sucked on games. Now i can play all of my games on highest settings (except bf2). I think in america it costs around 200$, but i think it is worth the money. The decision is yours.
  5. 6600gt 's memory is twice as fast as a vanilla 6600. and gpu clock is higher.
    does most games at 1024x768 @ medium if not high. im satisfied for my $170 CAD flat.
  6. Let me ask you this then. What's better, a plain 6600 with 256MB or a 6600GT with 128MB? There isn't much difference in price between those two.

    Also, what about the Radeon X800 GT card?
  7. plain 6600 has ddr2 memory which is hella slo, and 6600gt has higher gpu clock and ddr3 memory. the x800gto is nice too
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